SSC reveals high downforce toatara striker, truck-only aggressor

The SSC Tuatara is one of the most extreme cars on the market today. With the 1750 horsepower twin turbo V-8 282 mph confirmed maximum speed, There are few other competitors. If you think these numbers aren’t extreme enough, don’t worry. The company has just announced two new car variations, each more extreme than the following:

The first model, called the Tuatara Striker, has even more than a regular car, thanks to the new fixed rear wing with active elements, vertical stabilizer, large splitter, dive plane, winged side rockers, and extended diffuser. Get downforce back. The SSC claims a downforce of around £ 1100 for the entire car at 160 mph. This is three times the downforce that the base car produces at the same speed. According to the SSC, the weight is distributed between 45.4% front and 54.6% rear, “guaranteeing optimized balance, predictability, and exceptional reliability stability.” The 1750 hp drivetrain hasn’t changed, showing that the top speed is lower than the standard car thanks to all the additional drags (SSC hasn’t released Striker performance figures. ).

Next is Tuatara Aggressor. This is a truck-only variant that incorporates many of the upgrades found in strikers and adds customer-customized options not available in the public road version, allowing buyers to customize almost every aspect of the car to their liking. I will. Add-ons include 5-point harnesses, racing buckets, and even custom-tuned exhaust noise. Aggressors can also be ordered with a power upgrade option that boosts the output to 2200 horses.

According to SSC, production of Tuatara and its newly announced variations is already underway. The company plans to create 100 examples of base and striker versions combined, as well as 10 more aggressors. If you wish, we recommend that you order as soon as possible. Take this opportunity to raise at least $ 2 million.

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SSC reveals high downforce toatara striker, truck-only aggressor

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