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St. Louis councilman to challenge new mask mandate | St. Louis News Headlines – St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri 2021-07-23 23:00:00 –

ST. LOUIS ( weekend will be the last maskless weekend. Coming Monday, St. Louis city and county officials have reinstated their mask obligations, requiring people over the age of five to wear masks indoors.

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmidt said he would file a proceeding to prevent future mask mandates in the city and county of St. Louis.

At least one St. Louis County official has already questioned Monday’s mission. At a council meeting on Tuesday, St. Louis County Councilor Tim Fitch said the council would question the mission of Deputy Director of Health, Dr. Faisal Khan.

“Why are they doing this when the CDC says they don’t need it? If you’re vaccinated, you don’t have to wear a mask indoors,” Fitch said. ..

Fitch’s challenge comes just a month after Missouri enacts a new law that allows local governments to block public health orders at any time by majority vote. Fitch did not indicate if there were enough votes to invalidate the mask order.

Residents react

News 4 told people on the streets on Friday, and most of them say they’re okay to wear masks, while restaurant owners say it’s very frustrating.

“It’s frustrating to take steps and feel like you’re making progress,” said John Witte.

Witte, head of operations at Square One Brewery in Lafayette Square, said the staff could be vaccinated two months ago and the masks could be thrown away.

“It was more than usual,” Witte said. “I’m excited that many people go out and come back again.”

In May, Witte said it made the most money in a month, rather than a business of more than 15 years. Currently, from Monday, his staff must wear a mask with anyone entering his restaurant or other buildings in the city of St. Louis or the county.

In public places in the city and county of St. Louis, the obligation for everyone to wear a mask has been revived.

“I’m sure I’m just as frustrated as everyone else,” Witte continued.

We also talked to some customers in Central West End. Most of them say they don’t really care about mask obligations.

“Anything that helps hold the case down is fine, and wearing a mask inside isn’t a big deal,” said Susanna Brodnitz.

Brodnitz said he prefers to wear a mask rather than completely losing the get-together. Currently, mandates do not include social distance or ability restrictions.

“It doesn’t offend me, I think it’s unfortunate,” Robert Case said. “I think it’s sad to see people in ICUs across the country still dead, even though they can be prevented.”

Other News 4 said masking should not be mandatory at all.

“No, you don’t have to wear a mask,” Ashley Emerin said.

News 4 also contacted the Illinois Public Health Service to see if there were any changes to Metro East. So far, they’re just watching things and saying they haven’t changed yet.

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St. Louis councilman to challenge new mask mandate | St. Louis News Headlines Source link St. Louis councilman to challenge new mask mandate | St. Louis News Headlines

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