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St. Louis County Executive Sam Page Introduces New Mask Mandate, Effective Immediately – St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri 2021-09-27 14:56:00 –

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The embarrassed St. Louis County Maskman dating effort continues. At a press conference on Monday morning, Executive Samuel Page of St. Louis County introduced a new Maskman date signed by Deputy Health Director Faisal Khan. Page said the mandate will come into effect soon.

“The backlash against the mask has slowed our progress in delaying this virus,” Page said at the meeting.

Maskmandate has been at the forefront of discussions at council meetings for two months.Council meeting It’s a hotspot Anti-mask and anti-vaccine protesters spit out false information, have YouTube delete the video of the meeting, and complain to members of the council. Some members of the council also have problems with mask obligations for a variety of reasons.

Primarily, the two Democrats of the council (Rita Heard Days in District 1 and Sharonda Webb in District 4) were the ways in which past mask mandates were carried out without input from the governing body. Criticized. They have since voted in favor of mandates after court hearings encouraged Congress to cooperate in a previous ruling on public health orders.

recently, Webb introduced and passed a law on vaccine incentives, She has long encouraged and promoted at parliamentary meetings as another way to end the COVID-19 pandemic.

Republicans in the council have violently opposed public health orders and even refused vaccine incentives. June city councilman Arnie Tracus (District 6) opposed the June Webb Vaccine Incentive Program because he saw the word “incentive” as another word for “compulsion.”

R-District 3 city councilman Tim Fitch, who has long opposed this mission, has encouraged vaccines and masking in the past. He went to Twitter right after the meeting. Fitch said residents of St. Louis County should not “give credibility to the new masking order.”

“It’s another way to give you the middle finger,” Fitch wrote in him. Tweet..

Judge Nelly Rivaldo has overseen the Maskmandate battle since being introduced in court. She had previously criticized the lack of efforts to curb the pandemic, and those who claimed victory in the Maskmandate case when COVID-19 rampaged. last week, Rivaldo was puzzled by the move to renew the previous public health order Instead of introducing a new one.

The new mission will comply with the judge’s orders, Page said at a press conference.

“The judge has shown us that ordering a new mask is the best way to manage this question,” Page said. “We believe that issuing new orders follows the guidance of the court.”

Attorney General Eric Schmidt has fought his office in court. Tweet “This tyrannical forced masking effort is again illegal,” he re-entered the battle.

The hearing of the permanent injunction against the previous Maskman Date is October 18th. Page hopes that the county council will not oppose the new public health order.

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St. Louis County Executive Sam Page Introduces New Mask Mandate, Effective Immediately Source link St. Louis County Executive Sam Page Introduces New Mask Mandate, Effective Immediately

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