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St. Louis leaders say no new restrictions for now, continue to push mask mandates as Omicron reaches the city | St. Louis News Headlines – St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri 2021-12-06 18:44:00 –

NS. LOUIS ( the first case of an Omicron variant currently confirmed in the city of St. Louis, News 4 tells local leaders and medical professionals what to do to limit the spread and catch the inhabitants: Asking if there is a danger New variant.

Over the weekend, the CDC confirmed the first case of the Omicron variant in the city of St. Louis. This was from a resident who recently traveled the country.

Dr. Rachel Charney, Medical Director of Emergency Management at SSM Health Cardinal Glenon, said: .. “Unless you’re looking for it, you don’t always find it right away.”

The positive rate for St. Louis County is about 8.4% and that for St. Louis City is 8%. Health professionals in the area attribute it to Thanksgiving holidays and more indoor rallies, but are also concerned that this new variant may spread.

Even if Omicron is identified in the city, city and county officials have not implemented new restrictions or measures to curb the spread of this new variant, other than current mitigation measures and vaccination encouragement. It states.

“There are still Maskman dates that are re-approved every 30 days by the City Council and unanimously re-approved,” said Mayor Tishaura Jones. “So thank the city councilors. At this point, there is no change in the current outlook. Still, stay vaccinated, masked, stay socially distant and wash your hands. I ask people. “

At a press conference on Monday morning, St. Louis County administrator Sam Page advertised the importance of maintaining Mask’s obligations, especially in the presence of this variant.

“Mask obligations continue in STL County. Regarding other restrictions, we don’t think we’re there,” Page said.

Dr. Charney, the first report from South Africa in News 4, shows that variants of Omicron are more contagious but may be less dangerous than Delta.

“I don’t think we’ll need any kind of panic right away, which is one of the things we’re watching carefully,” Charney said. You need to make a decision about it early on. And we’re watching to see if there are any differences in how it affects children and how other variants affect them. “

News 4 asked if there were any symptoms that could indicate if someone might have the Omicron variant more than the other variants of COVID-19. At this point, we don’t have enough data to know for sure.

“Most of the people we have identified as having mutations around the world and in the United States have been very mild cases. From early information from individual physicians in South Africa and elsewhere, fatigue. There is information that there is an increase in sore throat, which may be there. [and there] There may be less loss of taste and smell, “Charney said. “But we didn’t have enough data to actually say.” Yes, these are the symptoms we actually see in this variant. “

Another major problem now is that this variant can increase the likelihood of breakthrough cases in vaccinated people and the likelihood of reinfection in unvaccinated people. Whether or not there is sex.

“There is some early information. There are some early concerns that both risks may increase. Indeed, vaccine companies are considering this and are more specific if it occurs. We are considering whether we need to create booster shots, “Charney said. “One of the advantages of this mRNA technology is that it is much easier to achieve than traditional vaccine methods.”

News 4 polled viewers to see if news of Omicron variants detected in St. Louis changed their perceptions of vaccination and booster shot acquisition.

So far, nearly 60% of people will be vaccinated with boosters, but 22% of respondents have not yet planned to be vaccinated at all. St. Louis County encourages those who have not yet been vaccinated or wish to be boosted to check out the Walk-in Vaccine Clinic. For more information, please visit the following URL:

While there are still legal plights in the recent Cole County ruling that hampers St. Louis County’s existing mission and local health orders, the St. Louis County Council expects to vote on the existing Mask Ordinance during Tuesday’s meeting. It has been.

St. Louis leaders say no new restrictions for now, continue to push mask mandates as Omicron reaches the city | St. Louis News Headlines Source link St. Louis leaders say no new restrictions for now, continue to push mask mandates as Omicron reaches the city | St. Louis News Headlines

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