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St. Thomas More captures dramatic road comeback win over Teurlings | High Schools – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-04-07 11:15:00 –

Jackson Manuel’s clutch hitter at Tearing Catholic in District 5-4A on Tuesday gave St. Thomas More a 5-4 come-from-behind victory.

At the top of the top of the seventh inning, when Manuel drove Landon Morrow and pinch runner Tyler Collins with single-off relief pitcher Ian Johnson, the Cougars chased Theerings 4-3 with two outs.

In the lower half of the inning, pitcher Michael Laundry closed the game, giving STM (14-10, 5-0) four consecutive victories.

“Whenever Tear Rings and St. Thomas More play, it doesn’t matter what the score is, it’s always one of those types of games,” said STM coach Gary Perkins.

“Our kids didn’t quit. We’re back. Every time they score, we come back and match.”

Johnson, who saved Tearlings starting pitcher Ryan Richard in the sixth inning, walked Josh Stephenson to start the seventh inning.

After that, Tanner Hornback double-played, followed by Morrow and Eli Benoit in a row, setting the winning hit in Manuel’s game.

“Manuel was great today,” Perkins said. “He’s a second baseman. The lineup can vary from pitcher to pitcher, and I’m a designated hitter today. He did a great job.

Seniors with 6 RBIs in the lineup are 2 to 3 with 3 RBIs. He also recorded a run and reached the base again on a walk.

“It was a bit bittersweet because I hit with Bado (Tearings coach Brooks) for a few years,” Manuel said. “So I liked it because I got to the big stage in the first district game with Teurlings. I wanted it.

“We play with each other, especially since last year ended so early. As a result, we don’t have much experience, so if we have the opportunity to go out on the field and compete with our rivals, we try to pull out. The game. “

Wilton Taylor got off to a STM start, making six innings and allowing four runs with four strikeouts and one walk.

“The pitcher did a great job,” Perkins said. “Taylor is a freshman. He fought in six innings and then brought in Michael Laundry to close. It worked well today. We have five or six pitchers for the rest of the game. Years.

“Some of these players need to step up in a different role than just the starter. Hoping he could get the job done, he brought Mike closer. Obviously he’s pretty A good pitcher. We believed he would get. These last three outs. “

Adam Faust, the eighth batter in the Cougars lineup, won 1 to 3 with a double and RBI. He also won a run.

“I really like what I did at the bottom of today’s order, going down from the 5th hole,” Perkins said. “They were really clutches for us today.”

Benoit was 2 to 4, Morrow was 1 to 3, and Stephenson walked to the base twice and drove on a run.

“I don’t think they were giving Josh a quality pitch to hit,” Perkins said. “He’s a good player. They did what they had to do to win the match. I thought they hit the ball well today. They played some great defensive play.”

Richard pitched well to Tearings, throwing 86 pitches and allowing 3 hits and 2 earned runs in 5.1 innings.

Lead-off hitter Oakley Burke led the rebels (11-12, 1-2), scoring two hits and two runs. At the bottom of the third, Burke blasted a triple to the left fielder, scoring a RBI by Connor Kleinpeter.

“It was a game that was well played on both sides,” Perkins said. “I will be honest with you. They beat us earlier in our place. We beat them in their place. These two teams in the parking lot It doesn’t matter if you play or not. The game.

“I’m happy with this little team this year. They fight hard. They don’t stop. Two balanced teams played. As long as I have one swing left, I’ll believe in the cougar.”

St. Thomas More captures dramatic road comeback win over Teurlings | High Schools Source link St. Thomas More captures dramatic road comeback win over Teurlings | High Schools

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