Stadium and Entertainment District Planned for Menomonee Valley – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2022-05-20 15:11:13 –

The next stage of the future of Milwaukee’s sports and entertainment is underway, with two developers aiming to achieve it by the spring of 2024.

On Friday, Kacmarcik Enterprises, Bear Development, and Pabst Theater Group announced that they had agreed to purchase 11 acres of land from Marquette University to develop new entertainment venues. The core development is a 8,000-seat stadium aimed at hosting professional soccer franchises, indoor concert venues, hotels, homes, restaurants and retail stores. This development will rejuvenate areas of the city that are largely dormant.

In terms of bringing professional football to Milwaukee, the announcement states that the stadium will host “the highest level of professional football in Wisconsin.” It is not specified whether the club is a new attempt or a redevelopment of an existing organization. Joining the National League will be announced in the coming months. Milwaukee is currently home to Milwaukee Trent, who plays in the semi-professional National Premier Soccer League. Madison is home to Forward Madison FC, owned by Jim Kakumarusik of Kakumarusik Enterprise. Forward Madison, who plays in USL League One, the third tier of American football, is currently playing in Madison’s Breese Stevens Field. Milwaukee Trent will play a home match at Wauwatosa’s Heart Park. In addition to professional football, the stadium will be the new home for men’s and women’s football and lacrosse at Marquette University.

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The proposed indoor concert venue will accommodate up to 3,500 people and will be run by the best concert promoters and Pabst Theater Group. It is expected to be used for up to 300 events per year, including about 80 to 100 national tours per year. Recently, the Pabst Theater Group has acquired reservation rights to operate the Miller High Life Theater and continues to operate the other four venues in the town. The recent proposals from Frank Productions and Summerfest to develop a new venue near the festival venue have been cancelled, but the proposed new venue has nothing to do with that effort.

In addition to the stadium and entertainment venue, the new 11-acre development will house 99 apartments around it and a 140-room luxury hotel owned by Bear Development. At this time, retail and restaurant development plans do not include specific tenants, but we plan to conclude the district with a full service offering. Details on these aspects of the district will be announced in the future.

The Menomony Valley area has made great strides and we will see the city transform again next year.

Allen Harras

Allen Harras is a lifelong Milwaukee who has been involved in local music for over 15 years. He is an avid Milwaukee Bucks follower and a general supporter of everything the city must offer. Find him on social media: @AllenHalas.

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May 20, 2022

2:11 pm

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