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Staff, East Feliciana ladies make Old Man’s 74th birthday special | East Feliciana – New Orleans, Louisiana

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A group of seniors at Clinton helped make the old man’s 74th birthday special on April 29th. They laughed and sang, and he crouched and spread his wings before poking numbers from the bird-friendly cake.

Born April 29, 1947, the scarlet macaw Oldman has lived in the Baanhill Reserve, a wildlife sanctuary in the East Feliciana Parish, for the past five years. Barn Hill Preserve was founded in 2013 by Gabe Ligon from Ether to educate, entertain and inspire the surrounding community with live animal ambassadors.

Barn Hill Preserve brand manager Marisa Saladino coordinated the event, with Ligon’s grandmother Paula Barnett and her group of women hosting the party. Like the old man, most of the party attendees were in their 70s with a 68-year-old baby. Burnett said the group was busy at Clinton’s Canasta club before the pandemic, and the opportunity to party with birds was well received. ..

“I called them and told them they had an invitation,” she said. “And they said,’Where are you?’. They laughed at the bird’s birthday party, but they were good enough.”

Burnett has seen the reserve grow from a barn that functioned as a college apartment to a world-famous sanctuary and animal education institution. “Gabe was about 19 years old and started taking animals to schools in the Clinton area,” she said. “It expanded to Mississippi’s school and he began to acquire more animals, but his ultimate goal was to make this.”

The old man is not the only exotic bird in the Baan Hill Reserve, but he is a special resident. Macaws have an average lifespan of 50 years, but captive lifespans can reach 75-80 years. The old man is known as the surrender of the owner. Because of their longevity, many parrots lived longer than their owners, the old man surrendered him, and he was a resident of Ethel for five years.

The staff doesn’t have much detail about his life, but his paperwork includes his birthday April 26, 1947. To see that date, Harry S. Truman was the President of the United States after the end of World War II and the beginning of the Cold War, Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier of professional baseball when he signed the Brooklyn Dodgers. And the little chick left Shell and raised some wings 74 years ago.

The old man’s relatives are natives of the lowland rainforests of Central and South America. He is one of the many exotic bird and animal ambassadors living in the Baan Hill Reserve.

Staff, East Feliciana ladies make Old Man’s 74th birthday special | East Feliciana Source link Staff, East Feliciana ladies make Old Man’s 74th birthday special | East Feliciana

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