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Omaha, Nebraska 2022-05-28 10:04:22 –

For the first time in two years, UNO’s Staff Advisory Board (SAC), Undergraduate Senate, and Academic Advisory Board met in person to recognize the achievements of employee services for the university’s mission.

A true campus-wide celebration with hundreds of people on Monday, May 16th, commending efforts beyond the past year, especially during the time of major changes and new opportunities for students, faculty and staff to finally return. Did. From remote operation to campus.

CFA Prime Minister Joanne Li congratulated attendees for supporting the important work done by his colleagues.

“Without consideration and dedication to each other and our students, we couldn’t share the wonderful story of UNO when talking to the community,” Li said. “Through uncertain and unprecedented events, you all have shown your tremendous Maverick spirit and dedication to the success of our students.”

Awards and awards were given overnight across campus faculty and staff, including the Academic Advisory Council, Staff Advisory Council, and Senate Faculty Retired Members.

The winners of the following awards are:

Advice Award

Rich Klein, Ph.D., Deputy Prime Minister for Strategic Institutions and Student Success, has given academic advisors who helped students get on track through the struggle caused by COVID-19 or many other situations. Helped to introduce the award received.

“As Dr. Lee says, maximizing student success requires both alpha and omega.

Klein said. “UNO’s Academic Advisor is our Omega.”

Jonathan Acosta, Chairman of UNO’s Academic Advising Council, commended members of the AAC Executive Team and previous advisors this month.

Attendance was Sammi Kaiser, Ph.D., Director of the UNO Academic and Career Development Center and Senior Director of Academic Advice. Katie LarsonAssistant Director, Academic Advisor, Faculty of Education, Health and Human Sciences, Advisor of the Year..

Employee of the Year Award

Deputy Prime Minister of Human Resources, Steve Kerrigan, has commended UNO’s Employee of the Year from among the Employee of the Month Awards for the past 12 months.

Rachel JensenThe Head of Youth Safety and Health Safety, for her work to support the campus throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, 2022, ensuring that the university’s youth safety policy is adhered to. Was commended as an Employee of the Year.

Staff Advisory Board Award

Keristiena Dodge, the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff and SAC’s retired president, has awarded several awards voted by SAC members.

SAC Award

Winners of the SAC Awards show exemplary support for UNO staff.

This year’s winners Marla Smith-HesterDue to her tireless efforts behind the scenes to ensure the entire Campus Recreation Business Manager, Campus Recreation Staff, and therefore the Maverick Campus Community, can be successful.

Unsung Hero Award

Winners of the Unsung Hero Award are selected by the SAC Professional Development Committee to recognize staff who have made significant contributions to the campus but have not been recognized as worthy of them.

This year’s winners Jerry HamiltonAdministrator of UNO’s management services, working hard all night to ensure that buildings like Arts and Sciences Hall are safe and clean, and that faculty and students are ready to arrive. I’m out.

Above and Beyond Award

Above and Beyond Award winners are selected by the SAC Professional Development Committee for outstanding performance in the workplace, extraordinary contributions to operational efficiency and effectiveness, and special efforts to promote workforce excellence. , Or commend staff for outstanding service to the university. Community and members.

This year’s winners Rachel Radel, UNO Human Resources Employment Success Consultant. We have the ability to work on any project and anticipate the needs of recruitment managers from across the campus. She also always asks what she can do to empower others and provide more value to campus operations.

Staff, Faculty, Advisors Celebrated at 2022 Awards Banquet | News Source link Staff, Faculty, Advisors Celebrated at 2022 Awards Banquet | News

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