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Florence, South Carolina 2021-11-27 09:47:15 –

Durham, NC (WNCN) – People caught at a wild shooting site in Durham’s main mall on Black Friday were shot dead during the evacuation and heard a shooting that injured three, resulting in a dash at the exit. I explained about.

Hundreds of people rushed to the street exit of South Point Mall for a shoot on Friday, a busy shopping day after Thanksgiving.Friday’s evacuation was just over 1 o’clock A month after the rumored shooting was crushed to escape and led to several injuries – Includes pregnant women who have been trampled by police.

A photo from inside the mall on Friday showed an effort to leave soon. When the frightened shopper fled, the table was turned over and food was left on the table and food court floors. The video shot inside the mall on Friday also included people running screaming.

Lauren Roper, who works at Madewell in the mall, described the effort to leave as “a flock of people-screaming.”

Roper told CBS17 Nick Stardivant that he had closed the store door.

“We had to yell at people to come back,” she said, adding that being in the mall was “terrifying.”

Roper’s description was similar Fear of late October, It was caused by a loud noise when people tried to escape from the mall by mistake for shooting.

Police said the shooting took place on Friday in the south of the second floor of the mall.

Melissa Zaman was shopping when the shooting happened. She was in the food court and wore headphones when listening to music.

“I heard a really loud noise, everyone nearby stopped and I saw a crowd running from inside the food court,” Zaman told CBS17’s Nick Star Divant.

She went to a nearby Vans store and explained her enthusiasm for hiding.

“They were pushing people back into the supply room,” Zaman said of the Vans store workers.

She said she stayed in the supply room “for a while” and people were “scary (and) some people were crying.”

She also described the mall scene right after the shooting.

“Everyone was running and some people were crouching behind the pillars-people were trying to duck wherever they could,” Zaman said.

She also said False alarm last month Some people didn’t know if Friday’s case was real.

April Rafiou said he was approaching the mall to go shopping after seeing dozens of people rushing into the parking lot from the mall on Friday afternoon. The video taken by Raphiou shows a scene outside the Nordstrom store.

“When people started running out, we were going to South Point Mall. They say there are active shooters, so stay away from that area!” Raphiou wrote on Twitter. I am.

Police also said a 10-year-old child was among the three shot at the mall on Friday. One was detained after the shooting, but several officials fled, police said.

‘Stampedes of people, screaming’: Durham mall worker describes scene after 3 shot Source link ‘Stampedes of people, screaming’: Durham mall worker describes scene after 3 shot

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