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Standard Middle School has just opened a brand new fitness room that is the envy of any school. So far, it includes machines for performing weightlifting, cycling, benching and plyometrics. Inspiring quotes are on the wall, TV and sound systems are in progress.

The Standard Middle School Fitness Room is part of a wide range of district efforts to improve the health and fitness of students, staff, and the surrounding Oildale community.

“Physical health is important,” said Susan Denton, a school district’s academic improvement specialist.

Like many fitness stories, this started with a wake-up call.District 5th and 7th grade student scores State annual fitness test “It was inferior,” said Michael Strahan, head of the district’s special project.

Police officer Paul Myers asked how he could improve those scores, Strahan said. Over the past few years, the district has begun investing in its physical education and exercise programs.

The days of junior high school PE classes with 70 children and classroom teachers asking elementary school students to run a few laps are over.

According to Strahan, Standard doubled the number of PE teachers, placed full-time teachers in all three elementary schools, and reduced the number of classes in middle school to about 27.

The fitness room means a large investment, but the district invests heavily in physical education and athletics. Strahan pointed out that the equipment room is full of pickleballs, badminton and ultimate frisbees, as well as all the traditional sports.

According to Denton, the goal is to create a physical education curriculum that is fun and helps students develop healthy lifelong practices and habits. This includes learning yoga and learning new sports.

Athletics programs have also received more attention and investment. The school district wanted to create an opportunity for students whose parents couldn’t afford to sign up for an expensive club. There is a new uniform for everyone. The cheerleader is back this year after a long break. Soccer will start soon.

Chevron, the sponsor of the new fitness room, also helped bring the new futsal court to middle school, courtesy of the Los Angeles Football Club. Futsal is a reduced version of soccer played on hard courts.

These help lure students into school and improve attendance.

“It’s a little carrot,” Denton said.

The new fitness room represents the tip of the iceberg for the district’s ambitions. It’s been on the district’s wish list for a long time, but according to people familiar with the matter, months of students spend a lot of time on their cell phones and feel the timing right after they’re inactive.

According to Strahan, the school has removed the iPad placeholder on the machine. He said the fitness room is a device-free zone.

Between weight machines, exercise bikes, benches and plyometric machines, there is room for 35 people to exercise at once or do circuit training.

During the day, there is a fitness room available to PE students. The school plans to launch an elective course called the Strong Body, Strahan said.

Not just junior high school students. After school, the fitness room is available to 400 staff working throughout the district. According to Strahan, the fitness room will also be available to sports clinics in grades 3-8 during weekends and summer.

Denton said the ultimate goal was to open school facilities for the community, which is currently not possible with COVID restrictions.

“We want to be that community hub,” Denton said.

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Standard School District’s physical education program gets into shape | News Source link Standard School District’s physical education program gets into shape | News

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