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The Harvard shop is reportedly scheduled to take over the location in 2022.

Starbucks at Harvard Square closed on Sunday. Associated Press Photo / Charles Kurpa

Harvard Square’s Starbucks was suddenly closed on Sunday, November 21, after serving drinks to students for over a decade.

“As part of Starbucks’ standard business course, we continue to evaluate our business to ensure a healthy store portfolio,” Starbucks spokeswoman Brianna wrote in an email to .. “After careful consideration, we decided that it was best to close the store.”

The last day to serve coffee at that place was Sunday. According to a Harvard Crimson article, the creative title is “The devastation of Matcha as a student Venti about the unexpected closing of HSQ Starbucks— The store celebrated its closure with free drinks and food.

Starbucks did not reveal when the closure was decided, but the location was reportedly a few days ago. “Celebrate last week with us!”

Harvard shop According to Crimson, a student-owned company that sells Harvard apparel will take over the location in 2022.

Meanwhile, students used social media to share their disappointment with the sudden closure of their favorite Starbucks.

“Where can I make a complaint about the closure of Harvard Square @ Starbucks?”, A Twitter user I have written..

“”Starbucks By closing my favorite places, every graduate daily place, and now my morning commute, I completely broke my heart. Another user I have written.. “This is a complete tragedy. RIP Harvard Yard Starbucks in the heart of Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts.”

Even a professor Steve KelmanA professor at Harvard Kennedy School, who was “shocked” to learn about the closure, especially after two nearby stores closed earlier this year.

A Starbucks spokesperson said the business decision to close this location was “for the long-term growth of Starbucks.”

She added that employees at this location will be able to move to one of the other locations in the area.

Due to the closure of this Starbucks, there are only two Starbucks near Harvard, both close to the outskirts of the campus. One is at 468 Broadway St. and the other is away from Harvard Square on 1662 Massachusetts Ave.

“We look forward to continuing to serve the Cambridge community and encourage customers to visit us at other stores in the region.”

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