State Assembly sets vote on ‘critical race theory’ – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-09-24 09:05:20 –

The Madison-Wisconsin State Capitol will vote next week on a Republican bill banning public schools from teaching students and training employees on concepts such as systematic racism and implicit prejudice.

A Republican-controlled parliamentary commission on Wednesday approved the bill in a partisan vote. It will be taken up by the full parliament on Tuesday. The bill is likely facing a veto by Democratic Governor Tony Evers, a former state school overseer.

The bill is part of a national promotion among conservatives banning the teaching of critical racial theory that argues that racism is an inherent feature of a country’s social structure and policy. The Wisconsin Journal reported Thursday.

Opponents criticized this measure as an attempt to deprive the school district of local control and as a complete misunderstanding of the concept of critical race theory.

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