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State commitment to public schools panned in national report | Education – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-10-28 13:00:00 –

Louisiana received a “D” for its financial support for public schools, how it was allocated, and its commitment to education, according to a national report issued Thursday.

According to a survey, the state ranks 34th in the country in funding schools, spending more on less poor school districts than financially difficult school districts, and of public schools as a percentage of the state’s economy. We allocate less than average spending.

Louisiana also has a few “overall poor performance” states, such as Florida and Tennessee.

“The biggest obstacle to achieving fair and adequate school funding continues to be the lack of political will in public schools across the country to raise the level of investment in public education, and the constant that money is important. The evidence is more compelling, “the report said. Is called.

The Louisiana Supreme Board of Education resolved on Tuesday to shelve the grades of public school letters, subject to final approval from f …

The review, called “Making the Grade 2021,” states that it is conducted by the Center for Educational Law, Newark, NJ, and advocates equal educational opportunities and educational justice.

Research co-author Daniel Farley said policymakers in Louisiana and elsewhere need to ensure that funding levels match the state’s resources and student needs.

“It’s not a random number,” Farry said Thursday.

The study focused on three areas: state and local revenues per student, school district spending related to student poverty, and education spending and capacity.

The states were given a “D” in each category.

Louisiana spends $ 13,688 per student, which is $ 1,446 below the national average.

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New York spends the most in the country ($ 26,634 per student), and Arizona lasts at $ 9,717 per child.

Twelve states scored rejects on how much they spent on public schools.

The national average is $ 15,114.

Public schools here earn most of their money through state aid using a method called the Minimum Foundation Program, which totals $ 3.9 billion in the current school year.

According to the report, the state spends $ 13,530 per student in poorer districts, compared to $ 12,951 per student in poorer districts.

Louisiana’s score on the national college readiness test has fallen for the fourth consecutive year and remains one of the lowest scores in the United States.

Louisiana has the second highest poverty rate of the 50 states and the District of Columbia, second only to Mississippi.

About two-thirds of the state’s 700,000 public school students live in low-income homes.

The report also states that the state has reduced its efforts to fund schools and is less capable of doing so-$ 51,514 per capita compared to the US average of $ 56,830.

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State commitment to public schools panned in national report | Education Source link State commitment to public schools panned in national report | Education

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