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State data shows uptick of ‘inexperienced’ teachers in the classroom – Valley Stream, New York

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Spartanburg, South Carolina (WSPA) – There is growing concern about educators in South Carolina. This is an inexperienced teacher in the classroom. According to the latest South Carolina school report cards, there are 4,182 inexperienced educators teaching in core classes. It has increased from 3,009 in the previous year.

It feels like a never-ending marathon for South Carolina educators since the pandemic began. At least that’s the case with Edith Alston, she said, everyone else who knows who she teaches.

“You have virtual kids and they seem to be lost when they come back,” said Edith Alston’s Upstate Special Education Teacher.

She said such concerns only made us stronger, especially for her students.

She talks about less inexperienced, uncertified teachers in the classroom. That means they have been working under their belt for less than three years.

“The school district does what at least a caring adult in the classroom can do to care for the student. Sometimes a hard-working educator, a long-time agent, does a lot for the student, but it is necessary. There is no background to accreditation, by the State of South Carolina, “said Patrick Kelly of the Palmet State Teachers Association.

Patrick Kelly of the Palmet State Teachers Association said he was a teacher himself and was watching his experienced colleagues leave the classroom forever. He believes that the main force behind the increase in inexperienced teachers, the pandemic, is driving the devastating teacher shortage they already had.

“I’ve been teaching for 17 years. I thought I was as stressed as when I met my teacher last year, but the first month of this year was absolutely successful,” Kelly told 7News. ..

Links to the 2020-2021 SC School Reporter Card can be found at:

State data shows uptick of ‘inexperienced’ teachers in the classroom Source link State data shows uptick of ‘inexperienced’ teachers in the classroom

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