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State grant boosts theater restoration – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-10-16 01:14:01 –

Trinidad, Colorado — This week, a major refurbishment project underway in Trinidad received significant financial backing. Governor Jared Polis visited the historic Fox West Theater on Friday and announced a $ 3.45 million Colorado Creative Industries Grant to support the project.

“Through Colorado’s history, through Colorado Creative Industries, the state has partnered with cities, developers, and nonprofits to do this, ensuring that Trinidad is on the map as a major destination for the next generation. “I will.” Said the governor.

The theater is in the midst of millions of dollars of restoration for years. Project manager Christopher Smith explained that the goal is to make the venue a cultural and performing arts hub for the community.

“Dreams and visions can be described as returning to what was built, the center of community and art,” he said.

The theater first opened in 1908 and hosted Vaudeville plays and travel performances from across the country. It was converted into a movie theater during the Great Depression and remained there until it was closed in 2013.

“When that screen was installed, it created a time capsule, and this wonderful historic stage, equipment, and stage machine was forgotten, but it was preserved,” said project architect Gregory Friesen. I did.

The city purchased this property in 2018. The restoration project is a partnership between the City of Trinidad, Dana Crawford, Urban Neighbors of Denver, the American Theater History Society, the Colorado Regional Office, and the Colorado Public Office. Health and Environment, History Colorado, and Environmental Protection Agency.

Smith explained that partners are raising money from grants and other sources to bring the building into the 21st century.

“The news from the governor means we’re reopening the storefront,” he said.

The building is designed for versatility. In addition to the main theater, there is a ballroom in the basement and two retail spaces in front. The rooms originally housed a hall and a pharmacy.

Project manager Stephanie Bakken said the money would allow retail space to open as soon as the summer of 2022.

“We will restore the storefront façade so that it is now this beautiful entrance to the theater that is boarded on plywood.”

Early work on the building focused on restoring and stabilizing the exterior. Later in the project, architect Friesen explained that an annex would need to be built to house the equipment needed for modern heating, cooling and fire extinguishing systems.

“The building was built during a period of reliance on natural ventilation, and electricity was just beginning to be introduced nationwide,” he said.

The initial estimated cost of the project was about $ 18 million. However, during the pandemic, construction materials and costs have skyrocketed, and development teams are preparing for higher final prices.

The Friday grant was funded through the International Trade Administration for Economic Development, Colorado. Bakken and Smith believe that the restoration work will be completed in the next few years.

The Governor’s visit ended the day of the event in southern Colorado as part of the Powering the Comeback State Tour. Previous stops included a visit to Colorado Springs’ Royal Coffee and signed a law to create tax credits for employees seeking to purchase the business they work for. The Governor also visited the new 23-acre solar array project on the CSU-Pueblo campus, met with small business leaders at Solar Roast Coffee, and discussed renewable energy goals.

State grant boosts theater restoration Source link State grant boosts theater restoration

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