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Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-09-12 20:09:43 –

As Honolulu and Maui counties plan to launch passport programs, the state will soon offer a new way to provide COVID-19 vaccination status and require such documents before entering selected companies and facilities. To do.

September 8th (Wednesday) Governor David Ige, along with Doug Murdoch, Chief Information Officer of the Enterprise Technology Services Office, announced the state’s Hawaii SMART Health Card. The program is voluntary “strictly convenient” and will begin on Friday, September 10.

This card allows individuals who have been vaccinated in Hawaii to create a state-issued Digital Hawaii SMART Health Card to check vaccination status at companies and locations that require it. increase.

Individuals who have been vaccinated twice with Pfizer or Moderna, or who have been vaccinated once with Johnson and Johnson and have waited 14 days, are eligible for a digital card. Hawaii’s SMART Health Card provides individuals with a convenient option to present their vaccination status via a digital device rather than a physical CDC vaccination card or other document.

“We hope to keep the economy open while smart cards operate in a safe and healthy environment,” Murdoch said at a news conference.

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At this time, Hawaii County has no plans to implement the same vaccine passport program as before. Honolulu When Maui County.. However, county officials say they see SMART cards as “a great tool for businesses and organizations considering implementing” passport-like “programs.”

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“After hearing many concerns in our community, both for and against the Vaccine Passport Program, we concluded that it was simply not appropriate for our island at this time,” said Hawaii County Authorities. Said to the Big Island on Wednesday. “Driving a larger gap between our neighbors and Ohana only makes it much harder to reach our ultimate goal of returning to a healthy, safe and vibrant island of Hawaii. Our goal for the future. Is to do everything possible to unite the population, with or without vaccination, and to remind them of their responsibilities to themselves and others. “

Ige and Murdock said SMART cards are becoming a national standard and many states are somehow implementing programs.

“The SMART Health Card is growing as the standard for showing evidence of vaccination across the country. Hawaii has joined states such as New York, California and Louisiana to ensure that people are safe and secure in their vaccine status at companies and venues. We are implementing an application that allows us to share with you, “Murdock said in a post-conference press release.

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Vaccination information provided by individuals with a Hawaii SMART Health Card will be automatically validated against the state vaccination database. Murdoch said digital verification should only take a few seconds to verify.

Entities that have not submitted vaccination data to the state database are under the Department of Defense, the Veterans Affairs Department, selected federal agencies (with federal vaccines), and some long-term care facility programs. Pharmacy (nursing home, skilled nursing facility). , NS. ).

If the state database cannot validate the vaccination data, the individual may present physical documents such as a CDC vaccination card or COVID-19 PCR test results, depending on what the jurisdiction accepts.

In addition, digital cards help eliminate fraudulent vaccine documents.

“We know that not everyone will be verified, but we believe we’ll get a high percentage soon,” Murdoch said.

The SMART card is built into the state’s Safe Travels website.click here For instructions on how to upload a card. Once the vaccine card is verified, the recipient receives a QR code that the company can scan to check the status of the vaccination.

There are plans to expand the service in the future to include digital access to negative test results.

The Hawaii SMART Health Card QR code cannot be used for travel to Hawaii. Travelers arriving in Hawaii must receive a travel entry QR code using the Travel Exemption / Exceptions feature of the Safe Travels Hawaiʻi Digital Platform.

State launches Hawaiʻi SMART Health Card for Digital Vaccination Verification Source link State launches Hawaiʻi SMART Health Card for Digital Vaccination Verification

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