State lawmakers anticipate rise in evictions as federal aid ends – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico 2021-09-16 19:27:41 –

“The problem of eviction of this peasant is coming and will have a huge impact on people.”

At a committee meeting in front of state legislators, Democrat Angelica Rubio warned of a possible tsunami.

“It is the low-wage workers who have lost their jobs in the pandemic that are directly affected by the eviction of peasants. Some groups are biased towards colored races, so if we don’t do something, it’s moral. Raises this idea of ​​a pandemic, which will have long-term implications beyond our time in the legislature, “she said.

Rubio said it is likely that there were hundreds of illegal evictions in Albuquerque alone. This violates the state and federal moratoriums set up to protect lessees.

She also said that during the pandemic, the state only distributed about $ 2 million (out of $ 170 million) in federal aid to help with rent and utilities, and that money would expire at the end of the month. Told.

“New Mexico was no exception. The rest of the country is tackling a number of issues in getting people to apply. One is not just to address this available funding, but also. Technology. Many technologies It was really hard to apply for this help. “

Rubio co-sponsored a bill to strengthen the protection of lessors in emergencies such as pandemics. She died because a hearing was not held at the Senate Judiciary Committee during the last session, but she plans to revive it during the next session.

“Loss of money on investment by a landlord is not the same as losing a home due to eviction of a peasant, especially during a pandemic. One is a loss of profit and the other is a potential loss of life. That’s what Rubio says.

The final day to apply for federal rent or utility assistance is the end of September 30th. Apply.

State lawmakers anticipate rise in evictions as federal aid ends Source link State lawmakers anticipate rise in evictions as federal aid ends

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