State support expands as Congress prepares to take up DC

In a new national poll, 54% of voters believe DC is a state and a record high level of support as the House of Representatives prepares to address the state issue in the District of Columbia this week. I found out that there is.

poll, Data for progress and progressive advocacy for all actions in 2021 Union democracy And first shared with CBS News, 74% of Democratic respondents endorsed DC’s status as a state, and 34% of Republicans endorsed it.

Opinion polls show that a clear majority of voters in urban (57%) and suburban (56%) and Swing State (57%) candidates have left DC to allow parliamentary voting. I found that I support it. About half of the voters in rural areas of the country agree.

On Monday, the House Oversight and Reform Commission holds a hearing on a bill to establish DC as the 51st state of the country.

In January, Eleanor Holmes Norton, who represents the parliamentary district as a non-voting representative, reintroduced the HR 51 and created the state of Washington, Douglass, named after Frederick Douglass. The bill will give DC two US Senators and a voting representative in the House of Representatives.

The House of Representatives passed a bill to make DC a state last year with a vote of 232-180, but died in a Republican-led Senate.

State supporters want this time to be different, as the Democratic Party controls the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the White House.

“Righting 712,000 Washington, DC residents is a top priority of the Oversight and Reform Commission,” Carolyn Maloney said in a statement to CBS News. Calling this a “civil rights issue,” Maloney continued, “after years of stagnation, we’re witnessing the true and lasting momentum behind the state of DC.”

The bill has 215 co-sponsors, and its passage in the House of Representatives is almost inevitable. Senator Tom Carper, a Democrat in Delaware, submitted a companion bill in the Senate, with 40 of the 50 Democrats signing as co-sponsors. Senate leader Chuck Schumer has promised to submit the bill to Senators.

Proponents argue that DC is needed because the city’s majority, the black and brown population, has been deprived of their rights due to lack of parliamentary representation. If the state passes, DC will be the only black nation in the country.

Norton and other supporters say DC will pay more federal taxes than 21 states and pay more per capita taxes than any state, according to 2019. IRS data.. The district is also more populous than Vermont and Wyoming, but has a limited number of non-voting representatives in Congress. Norton can draft legislation, but cannot vote. DC does not have voting rights in the US Senate.

Norton was encouraged by the results of the poll. “This is currently capturing the majority of American voters, which makes us believe that the watchword” taxation without representation “is nearing its end,” she told CBS News in an interview. .. She claimed that last year’s parliamentary hearing on the bill informed Americans of how less authority district officials had over their territory. Parliament has exclusive jurisdiction over the capital of the country. That is, local legislation, including the DC budget, must be approved by Congress.

Norton said the Capitol riots and delays in obtaining National Guard reinforcements helped further educate the American people on January 6, as the then president prevented DC National Guard from rescuing the National Guard. “. “They were three hours late, and during those three hours there was a lot of damage.”

The Governor has the authority to deploy National Guard, but in the district, that authority rests with the federal government. “If you can’t even control your National Guard, you can’t save the Capitol, you can’t even save yourself.”

Norton has submitted a bill that gives the district mayor the ability to activate the DC National Guard, and she expects it to pass the House of Representatives.

Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington, DC has asked Congress to submit a state bill to President Biden. President Biden said he would support it in the past. At a briefing last week, White House spokesman Jen Psaki asserted that the residents of the district still believed that they were “worthy of a representative,” adding that “that’s why he supports Washington, DC.” ..

However, the state faces decisive opposition from the Republicans. Republicans claim it is a Democratic attempt to support the majority by adding seats to parliament. DC voters overwhelmingly vote for the Democratic Party – President Biden won 92% of the district’s vote.

Congressman James Comer, a ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, said: In a statement about the hearing on Monday. “The Democratic bill is unconstitutional and the amount of testimony cannot change its basic facts.” He called the bill “a dangerous seizure of political power.”

Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell calls the state of DC “full-bore socialism.”

Democrats make up a very thin majority in the Senate, but the bill requires 10 Republican supporters to overcome filibuster that interferes with the bill. State activists are calling for the removal of filibuster, which allows the bill to be approved with just 51 votes.

Currently A heated discussion in the Senate Surrounding filibuster reform or its elimination. In an interview with ABC News last week, President Biden approved his return to “filibuster.” This would require senators to speak continuously on the floor in support of objections to the bill.But at this point, Democrats No votes Eliminate it.

But even if this year’s bill doesn’t pass, Norton has hope. “By 2022, I think both homes are more likely to become states, based on her belief that the Democratic Party will maintain its dominance in the House of Representatives and expand its majority in the Senate,” she said.

She said the issue would get more attention each time the state faced a parliamentary hearing or was brought to the floor for voting. “Every time I do that, I use it well to increase support for DC states across the country,” Norton said. “… the state is a big bill in our country and a big change, but polls show what Americans want to see.”

State support expands as Congress prepares to take up DC

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