State workers get incentive to comply with vaccine mandate – Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington 2021-09-07 19:03:00 –

Washington’s largest civil servant union has signed an agreement with the state to provide employees with an incentive to receive COVID-19 vaccination by the October 18 deadline set by Governor Jay Inslee. ‘NS.

Under the interim agreement, members of the Washington State Staff Federation (WFSE) will receive an additional holiday in 2022 if they comply with the Governor’s duties.

It also states that if a worker is late for the first vaccination and is not fully vaccinated by the deadline, he or she can rest unpaid for up to 30 days to be fully vaccinated. Information released by the union. Employees who apply for retirement by the end of this year and have not been vaccinated by the deadline can take unpaid paid leave until their retirement date.

And the agreement requires timely processing of the exemption request. According to the union, employees seeking an exemption by September 13 and still waiting for a response on October 18 will not lose their wages as the process is carried out and decisions are made.

The ratification vote by approximately 47,000 members will end at 11:59 pm on September 9.

Insley Issued Vaccine Directive to State Officials And healthcare professionals expanded to include school and university employees the following week on August 9.

On August 26, the Washington State Employees’ Federation filed a motion for unfair labor practices against the state in the Thurston County Superior Court.Union leaders said they supported vaccination, but insisted on the state Needed to negotiate the impact of delegation Under collective bargaining agreements with workers.

“From day one, we encouraged WFSE members to follow public health guidance,” union spokesman Justin Lee said in an email. “Experts agree that the combination of vaccination, masking and social distance is the key to a safe return to normal.”

To be considered fully vaccinated, you must receive the final dose of the vaccine at least two weeks before October 18.

On top of that, the Moderna vaccine 2-shot regimen must be started by September 6th, or the Pfizer vaccine regimen must be started by September 13th. One shot of Johnson & Johnson will be available until October 4th.

Insley spokesman Mike Fork said in a statement Saturday that a tentative agreement on employees in states not exempt from vaccination by the deadline would “confirm the requirements.”

The terms and conditions are intended to ensure that employees receive support and resources in time and “address the unique circumstances of the exemption request and subsequent coordination process.”

“The goal of the overall implementation is to increase vaccination within our employees,” he said. “Through future negotiations and partnerships, we are confident that our employees have taken the path to vaccination and ultimately identified the challenges of providing a safer workplace.”

State workers get incentive to comply with vaccine mandate Source link State workers get incentive to comply with vaccine mandate

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