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“We live in the United States and are a free country, so we shouldn’t hold or show paper.”

As customers prepare to enjoy a Saturday afternoon at Staten Island Mall and enjoy a meal, a noisy, maskless crowd of dozens of people opposes New York City’s indoor vaccination obligations “USA!” Screaming and rushing to the mall.

Their goal is to eat at the food court without showing evidence of vaccination.

“Everyone gets food and goes to eat. That’s what we do here!” A woman told the group, video From freelance journalist Oliya Scootercaster. “Meet there, go to the food court area, sit down and stay as long as you like!”

A video posted on social media shows protesters marching to Staten Island Mall against the city’s obligation to vaccinate indoor dining. You do not need to show proof of vaccination or wear a mask in the mall, but you do need to show proof of immunity to eat at the food court. Some chanted “my body, my choice,” while others chanted the pledge of allegiance.

“We live in the United States and are a free country, so we shouldn’t have or show any paperwork,” one demonstrator told the group. video..

Brookfield Property, the operator of Staten Island Mall, did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Sunday.

Anti-delegation demonstrations at Mole’s food court show the latest public resistance from those who oppose the delegation of vaccines and masks, even though the country has an average of over 119,000 new cases of coronavirus per day. This is a typical case. Mandatory vaccination is a hot button topic nationwide, as government officials and public health professionals continue to hesitate among millions of people who remain unvaccinated. Vaccine and mask obligations are fought nationwide and daily in schools, restaurants, planes and other public places.

The Staten Island scene, which is highly sympathetic to former President Donald Trump, opposes New York City’s mission to require proof of at least one dose of coronavirus vaccine for various indoor activities for workers and customers. I shed some light on. Indoor dining and gym.

New York City made this obligation on September 13 as part of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s efforts to vaccinate more inhabitants when highly infectious delta variants led to a nationwide surge in infection. Was the first United States to enforce.

De Blasio D also asked city workers to undergo weekly immunization or testing and provided $ 100 to encourage people to take shots.

“If you want to be fully involved in our society, you need to be vaccinated,” he said. Press conference In August. “It’s time.”

Other cities, such as San Francisco, follow suit.

A scooter caster on the scene wrote on Twitter that dozens of people who entered Staten Island Mall were not asked to show their vaccination card, even though there was a sign at the entrance stating that they needed it.

A clip posted on Twitter shows that demonstrators have expressed their support for Trump and are using taunts to blame President Joe Biden.

A male protester waving a large American flag said he opposed the obligation to mask children and the requirements for vaccines at school and falsely claimed that the vaccine had not been tested. Health organizations have repeatedly said that the vaccine has been thoroughly tested, and the Food and Drug Administration gave full approval to the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine last month.

“I don’t like experiments,” he said.

Vaccine mandates have also caused a political division across the party line in New York, which was once the epicenter of last year’s coronavirus pandemic. Former governors Andrew M. Kuomo and De Blasio demanded strict coronavirus restrictions, but state Republican politicians strongly opposed them. Congressman Nicole Mario Takis of the district, including Staten Island, called the city’s vaccination policy “overkill” and argued that it would burden businesses already struggling to recover from their financial losses from last year.

She was one of the other elected officials on Staten Island Presentation Last month, their plans to sue New York City to block vaccination obligations claimed it violated citizens’ rights.

The Saturday incident is not the first time residents and businesses have opposed coronavirus restrictions on Staten Island. In December, hundreds of demonstrators with almost no masks bar To oppose the state’s coronavirus guidelines and show their support for closed taverns because they violate those guidelines.

“People have rights!” Exclaimed one protester, According to the New York Daily News.. “Open the door and I’m thirsty!”

Staten Island crowd defies vaccine mandate by storming mall food court Source link Staten Island crowd defies vaccine mandate by storming mall food court

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