‘Stay in your homes’: $15K reward for ‘very dangerous’ escaped killer still on the loose in East Texas – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2022-05-13 18:09:49 –

More than 300 law enforcement officers have overwhelmed the prison bus driver and are looking for Gonzalopez, 46, who stabbed him twice before escaping.

Texas Centerville — Nervous Center building Areas where prisoners in Texas are still loose. Gonzalopez46, stabbed the guards, Taken control of the prison bus Crashed before running away Leon County On thursday.

Prison spokesman described Lopez46, as a dangerous criminal Violent past. He was Life imprisonment for murder After he killed a man with a pickaxe in 2005. He was also convicted of attempted murder for attempting to kill a police officer.

“He’s a very dangerous person,” said TDCJ spokesman Robert Hurst.

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According to officials, Lopez was on the bus with 15 other inmates heading to Huntsville to make a medical appointment when he broke out of bondage and stabbed the driver in his hand and chest.

The driver, Randy Smith, managed to pull the bus, and he and Lopez had a hard time outside the car. The inmate tried to grab a gun from the driver’s holster, but failed.

Officer Jimmy Brineger, who was behind the bus originally armed with a shotgun, jumped out and shot through the back tires of the bus. According to Hurst, Lopez returned to the bus and drove about a mile, but lost control and crashed due to flat tires.

Smith and Brineger fired at him when he encountered the meadow, but it is unknown if he was beaten.

“We want to get this guy before he does anything to anyone else,” Hurst said.

Hurst said he is still investigating how Lopez got out of restraint and opened a safe door in the bus to reach the bus driver.

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“He used some kind of device, but I’m not sure if he used some kind of device to cut off the bottom of the door,” Hurst said.

He said the other inmates could not get out of their restraint and they stayed on the bus.

“A policeman who shot a shot at the rear wheel of a bus with a shotgun, that was a wise idea,” Hurst said. “If he hadn’t done that, I wouldn’t know where this bus with 15 or 16 inmates is now.”

Officer Smith said he was recovering from a “non-life-threatening” injury. Officer Brineger was not injured.

“These two officers acted very heroically about what they treated and how they treated it,” Hurst said.

Residents of this area are advised to stay home until Lopez is captured, if possible. The nearby school district also canceled the class for the day..

Those who see Lopez should call 9-1-1 immediately.

The Center Building is approximately halfway between Houston and Dallas.

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‘Stay in your homes’: $15K reward for ‘very dangerous’ escaped killer still on the loose in East Texas Source link ‘Stay in your homes’: $15K reward for ‘very dangerous’ escaped killer still on the loose in East Texas

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