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Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2022-06-23 11:32:32 –

As you drive through Bayview’s Kinikkinic Avenue, you’ll be fascinated by the outdoor-seat corner taco shop, Ventura Tacos Restaurant, on the corner of KK and South Ellen Street (2800 S. Kinikkinic Avenue). Its presence is small, but its taste is great. On Monday, this was one of the few restaurants open in this block and it was bumping. On the way to another Mexican spot we often go to, we stopped by to check it out.

The “try it” spot worked very well for everyone at the table. To be honest, it was very difficult to choose the direction of the menu. What’s more, no matter what street you eat, whether it’s tortas, tacos, burritos, or enchiladas, you’ll have plenty of meat choices. please do not worry. There is also a decent size vegetarian section. We put the pastor, chicken and virria on the table and provided different services for each order. Guacamole is one of the better things I had around the town.

Personally, I need to know what a burrito looks like somewhere before I leave what I like. Burritos are very high in calories and are wrapped like a hug, so I think they are really comfortable. You can also use the burrito to find out if the location is more authentic, Tex- or Cali-Mex. This place is neither, but a real Mexican.

There were people sitting outside, inside, and in the bar. We had a tequila tasting between the person in charge and the manager sitting in the full bar. It may seem small, but it has everything you need for a great Mexican restaurant, including delicious tequila.

The staff were very kind and reminded me that I needed to brush up my Spanish. In addition, the check has a QR code so you don’t have to wait for the card to return to the table. Really, it’s a place to go to welcome you to stay.

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