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Pittsburgh (KDKA) – The Steelers are over, worried about getting social distance, weather, and Covid, so it’s very easy to slip into funk right now. So how do you find the sun, hope, and the joy of life?

When I went to the city of Pittsburgh with the question, “What do you miss most during this pandemic?” The answer was as follows.

“I see people’s emotions face-to-face. To be honest, I like to see people’s smiles and things like that, so I can’t see it a little sad.”

“I go out for dinner. I used to go out for dinner all the time, but now I haven’t been out since March.”

“I definitely go out and enjoy the weather around people.”

“I just play basketball with my friends. I like to play contact sports, and it’s almost useless all the time.”

“I miss live music. Play and listen to live music.”

“I enjoy the weather, eat out, and enjoy my family coming from outside the town.”

“Hug a person.”

“We need to find more to do, especially in January and February. That’s really hard.”

But how do you do that? Now, our informal panel says they are finding joy in different ways.

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“We’re playing a lot of games and we’ve got some game boards. We’ve been playing games.”

“There is definitely joy in the work of serving people.”

“The best thing for me so far is playing video games, small interactions with people.”

“The family has become intimate. We went back to the old way and learned to do things together and learn the most important things like a family.”

“I’ve started to eat great, sure, I’m much better with it.”

“I work with my kids at school and cook a lot of things like home cooking. I cook a lot, I cook a lot.”

“I started playing the piano a little. I used to play when I was young, but recently I started practicing, though not so much.”

“Just spending time with my husband, taking him (DOG) for a walk and enjoying the days, we enjoy the fact that we are healthy and have a roof overhead.”

There are some other ideas you might think of to fill your days with something that helps break Covid Funk.

  • Exercise-Good for your body and mind.
  • Read – And to make it even more interesting, do it with someone else reading the same book, and talk about it as you go.
  • Get more sleep – this is also good for your body and mind.
  • Redecorate an artificial Christmas tree – perfect for doing with kids, making homemade decorations.
  • Organize your home, rearrange your fur and make your bed every day.
  • Cooking – Try something new and get your kids involved with the help of others.
  • Vacation – Plan a vacation or dream of a vacation
  • Ride a drive – explore places you’ve never been to
  • Please say “Thank you” with a smile. Even with a mask on, you can make someone’s day or your own day.

Some ideas to consider before reaching the other side of this pandemic.

Mental health professionals also cast this idea. Remember to make memories, especially if you have children.

One day we will all look back at this time and talk about how we got over it.

Be creative and memories can bring a smile!

Staying Entertained And Happy During The COVID-19 Pandemic – CBS Pittsburgh Source link Staying Entertained And Happy During The COVID-19 Pandemic – CBS Pittsburgh

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