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Stella McCartney heads to the G7 at the BFC Forum, stating that eco is the “future of fashion”

One of the biggest names in fashion has warned the fashion sector not to be too happy with the current Green Drive, as it also requires legislation and has more to do.

Stella McCartney

Speaking Friday, ethical fashion pioneer Stella McCartney represents the fashion industry in a group of business executives who gathered before Prince Charles met world leaders at the G7 Summit currently in the UK. was doing.

Prince Charles announces Terra Carta transition Coalitions is a global group working to promote investment in a more sustainable future. McCartney said he would ask some of the world’s most powerful politicians to adopt new practices to help make fashion more sustainable.

It was after Prince and McCartney appeared on Thursday at the British Fashion Council’s first Positive Fashion Forum.

At the event, she said, “Our industry [remains] One of the most harmful to the environment. ” That’s despite some companies moving towards a more ethical and sustainable future.

“In reality, we are using the resources of the Earth and we are not actually actively replacing them. We are doing the opposite,” she said.

“Challenging” the chemical-heavy industry, “destroying land and resources, killing animals,” and coming up with solutions is “what I’ve been doing every day since I started.” I did.

And while she’s getting easier to do that (given the rising trend of fashion sustainability), ethical and sustainable is sufficiently standard and relaxed. I feel that I’m not at the stage of “I can talk about how wonderful my clothes are”! “

As already mentioned, her words were a clear warning to the industry not to be too self-satisfied in terms of sustainability, as they only scratched the surface.

And that means it’s still difficult to lead a label that focuses on sustainability in the fashion sector. Macartney said the reality of running a business based on an ethical stance is that it takes longer than running a “normal” label. It also narrows her choice: “I solve problems every day. I have to work in a very different way and it consumes a lot of time. As an example, using PVC for sequins There’s much less available because I haven’t. There are thousands of beautiful PVC-based sequins available in other fashion industries, and I’m stuck in two or three. “

And there are problems with virtually every other material, from organic cotton to synthetic leather.The latter was a big problem before she started using it Mylo This year’s mycelium vegan leather. “Faux leather we made [usually] Working with them is like rock, and until very recently we couldn’t make anything bigger than a handbag or shoes, “she explained.

She has to work hard to find an easy solution with unsustainable options, which means she has to work with suppliers early on. We worked with people many years ago to work on a lot of pilot programs. “

It was said as an explanation, not as a complaint, and it’s clearly something she’s become accustomed to after more than 20 years of working that way.

“What I’m trying to do with Stella is to be unaware that I’m wearing vegan bags and vegan shoes and that sequins don’t have PVC,” she said.

But she says she needs help to make it happen faster.

“We haven’t been given incentives,” she said. “We need policy changes and we need incentives. Tomorrow’s young designers don’t want us to be financially punished or punished now. I want them I want you to get a big tax cut and have a really exciting business reason to work this way. “

But she believes that in the end her level of sustainability will prevail.

“I’m trying to create my own business model and embrace a better way to work in fashion invisibly. I believe it’s the future business model of fashion,” she claims. Did.

But for now, in a world trying to understand sustainability, she sees job market opportunities for those who are ahead of the curve. She believes that those who incorporate sustainability into their thinking have skills that are likely to be in demand throughout the wider industry as it becomes a necessity.

“You can’t launch a brand [today] “Without some” responsibility “at the core of the business model,” she explained, “my team sticks to this way of working. If you’re thinking of getting into fashion, This is an incredible job opportunity. If you can train this insight, your foot, or step into the door, your value will be much higher. ”

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Stella McCartney heads to the G7 at the BFC Forum, stating that eco is the “future of fashion”

Source link Stella McCartney heads to the G7 at the BFC Forum, stating that eco is the “future of fashion”

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