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Washington-The House of Representatives said Thursday that it opposed a long-time ally, Steve Bannon, an aide to former President Donald Trump, against a subpoena from a commission investigating the violent parliamentary turmoil on January 6. We are voting on whether to insult Congress.

The panel has vowed to move swiftly and powerfully to punish those who do not cooperate. At a rare bipartisan show on the house floor, the Commission’s Democratic Chairman, Bennie Thompson, will lead the debate with one of the panel’s two Republicans, Wyoming Republican Liz Cheney. ..

Nevertheless, if Witnesses are allowed to ignore the request, most House Republicans are expected to vote against the insult bill, despite the potential consequences of Congress.

Most parties split over Banon’s subpoenas and over the Commission’s investigation in general symbolize the raw tensions that dominate parliament nine months after the parliamentary attack.

Democrats have vowed to comprehensively investigate assaults in which hundreds of Trump supporters passed police, injured dozens of police officers, and interfered with election counts proving President Joe Biden’s victory.

Chaney and Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger are the only two Republicans on the January 6 panel. Both openly criticized Trump and his role in fostering riots, even though other Republicans remained largely silent in the face of Trump’s falsehood of large-scale election fraud. Trump’s allegations were rejected by election authorities, national courts, and his own Attorney General.

Assuming a house-wide vote was taken to insult Banon, the issue would be referred to the US Attorney Office in Washington. In that case, it is up to the prosecutor at the office to file a case with the grand jury regarding the possibility of criminal accusation.

Even if the Department of Justice decides to prosecute, it can take years for the proceedings to be finalized. It could boost the 2022 elections, when Republicans can gain control of the House of Representatives and end the investigation.

The January 6 panel recommended insults against Banon in a unanimous vote on Tuesday night. It was after he opposed the panel’s subpoena, citing a letter from Trump’s lawyer who instructed him not to answer the question. The Commission predicted that Banon was not working in the White House at the time of the riot, and that he not only spoke to Trump before the attack, but also promoted protests in his podcast and would be worried. I was careful.

Panel lawmakers said Banon was the only one who completely opposed the subpoena, and more than a dozen other witnesses to the subpoena were negotiating with them at least.

At a hearing of the House Parliamentary Rules Committee held to set parameters for Thursday’s debate, riots and protracted anguish over Banon’s subpoena ignited Wednesday. Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz, who defended Trump and appeared to oppose Banon’s contempt efforts, under intense questions from Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin, admitted that Biden was president. But Biden did not say he won the election.

“It might work with Steve Bannon’s podcast, but not with the US House of Commons Rules Committee, Gates, I’m sorry,” Ruskin said.

In an early debate on the house floor Thursday, Republicans dismissed the investigation and said there were more important issues that Congress had to address.

“The Democratic Party of the House continues to hunt witches for President Donald Trump,” Republican Rep. Michelle Fischbach said in opposition to the contempt vote.

Despite the demand for democratic action, there is still considerable uncertainty as to whether the Justice Department will prosecute. This is a decision that determines not only the effectiveness of the House investigation, but also the strength of Congress to call witnesses and request information.

Historically reluctant to use prosecutors against witnesses found contempt of Congress, the situation as lawmakers are investigating the worst attacks on the U.S. Capitol in the second century. Is exceptional.

Attorney General Merrick Garland gave no hint at the hearing on Thursday.

“If the House of Representatives votes for an insulting referral, the Department of Justice will always do what it does in such a situation, which applies facts and law and makes decisions that are consistent with the principles of prosecution,” he said. Told. Said.

The Democratic Party is pressing justice to file a proceeding, claiming that it is nothing but democracy.

“The stakes are huge,” Ruskin said in an interview with The Associated Press.

House can try different routes. House-approved civil proceedings can take years, but Banon and other witnesses are forced to defend themselves in court.

Another option available to Congress is to try to imprison rebellious witnesses. This is an unlikely, if not eccentric, scenario. This process, called “inherent insult,” was used in the early days of the country, but has not been adopted for almost a century.


Associated Press writers Michael Balsamo, Eric Tucker, and Farnoush Amiri contributed to this report.

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