Steve Wynn Plays Solo Concert at Bay View’s URSA – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-09-13 09:21:23 –

Songwriter Steve Wynn realized that the secret to a long career was adaptation. On Saturday night, he gave a concert to 30 masked fans sitting in folding chairs at Bayview boutique URSA.

You might have done much worse than connecting the wagon to Win’s winding career. In the horror of college rock in the 80’s, Win’s group The Dream Syndicate has developed sonic templates that update the sounds of The Velvet Underground, Neil Young, Crazy Horse, Creedence Clearwater Revival and more. Nevertheless, songwriter Win continued to grow and challenge himself and his audience. His side projects with Gutterball, Danny and Dusty, his solo album, and the resurrected Dream Syndicate have provided dozens of albums.

House concerts, by their very nature, encourage informal. Win’s joke with fans on Saturday was added to that sense of intimacy. He explained that he co-authored with criminal writer George Pelecanos, “Cindy, it was always you,” and recently several of “The Wire,” reflecting the death of actor Michael K. Williams. I started watching episodes.

Win recognized the near-perfect match of pitcher Harvey Haddix in a song from his well-described group, The Baseball Project, and recalled the thrill of playing “The Star-Spangled Banner” at Mirror Park a few seasons ago. rice field.

He connected an acoustic guitar and vocal mic to the amp to move the light, and he asked for a demonstration of the looper pedal. The looper pedal is a device that allows you to multitrack guitar parts on the fly. The bluesy riff has turned into a noisy version of “Daddy Girl”. At the end of the night with a final Q & A, Win played “When You Smile” in response to “What is your favorite song you wrote?” “That’s my favorite. At least today.”

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