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Fresno, California 2020-10-18 23:01:31 –

Washington-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said she and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin would have to reach an agreement within 48 hours if they wanted to pass a coronavirus stimulus relief bill before the election day.

“48 is only concerned with whether or not we want to achieve it before the election,” Pelosi said in an interview with ABC “this week.” “But we’re telling them we have to freeze the design for some of these. Whether we use it? And what’s the language?”

Pelosi is pressing the administration to close the deal by Tuesday as the legislative process in the House and Senate takes time to execute. If negotiations take place, it will be impossible for both houses to pass the bill by November 3rd, dragging beyond the next few days.

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Senate leader Mitch McConnell announced on Tuesday and Wednesday that he would vote on stimulus measures, including an independent paycheck protection program bill to support small businesses. But Democrats, who are expected to thwart McConnell’s efforts, rely on Pelosi’s months-long discussions with Mnuchin over and over again to make bigger deals. We are promoting.

Pelosi’s office told CNN on Sunday that 48 hours would be the end of the day on Tuesday and that important open questions needed to be answered by then. If no agreement is reached, negotiations will continue after Tuesday, but not in time before the election day.

California Democrats also said in an interview with ABC that the White House had weakened the language. Democrats are pushing ahead with the development of a national plan for Covid-19 inspection and contact tracing. She also said she changed many of the words about testing and tracking after the Trump administration appeared to have reached an agreement last week.

“They took out 55% of the language we had there for testing and tracking,” Pelosi said, “seeking clarity” for the details of the language.

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In a letter to a Democratic colleague on Sunday, Pelosi criticized the words the Trump administration sent to the House Democrats about funding coronavirus testing under a stimulus agreement.

“There was some encouraging news, but a lot of work remains,” Pelosi said, saying that the White House had only a “light touch” of editing their language, and instead had major changes. Said to guarantee them.

“The White House does not recognize the need to direct resources to culturally competent contact tracing,” Pelosi wrote. “Instead of recognizing the need for strategic planning, they changed” shall “to” may “,” requirement “to” recommendation “, and” strategic plan “to” strategy “. “

With this change, she continued, “not a prescribed funded plan to crush the virus, but a slush fund of the Administration that” may be permitted or withheld. “

Pelosi told his colleagues that he wanted to find something in common and was optimistic that an agreement could be reached before the election.

In a call with reporters on Sunday, Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer blew up McConnell’s plan to vote on Wednesday for the $ 500 billion coronavirus stimulation bill that the Democratic Party blocked in September. Was called a “fake”.

“State and local funding, testing, the need to safely open schools, censuses, and protection of workers in need of medical benefits were inadequate up and down. I can continue many times. “It was,” said Schumaer. Said during the call. “It’s just a fake. It’s a stunt when Senator McConnell blocked everything that had happened so far, and he even said he wouldn’t follow what Donald Trump wanted when it came to getting an agreement. It was. “

Schumer added that McConnell and Senate Republicans believe it is the “biggest reason” for the current lack of agreement on relief packages.

Trump’s chief negotiators, Pelosi and Mnuchin, spoke for over an hour on Saturday night. According to Pelosi spokesman Drew Hanmil, their next conversation is scheduled for Monday.

The Trump administration tried to negotiate with the Democratic Party of the House, but during the summer the breakthrough had yet to reach. Negotiations on a large coronavirus bailout package are stalled as the Democratic Party demands a bailout bill with a price tag of over $ 2 trillion.

The pressure to close the deal is increased by rising unemployment, widespread SME closures, direct payments and enhanced unemployment insurance terminations that have helped bring families and individuals to the surface through the economic closures caused by pandemics. It’s becoming more and more urgent.

According to economists, pending consequences can be catastrophic if Congress and the Trump administration do not reach an agreement.

This story has been updated with additional background information.

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