Stock futures silenced after the Dow began to lower the week

Traders on the New York Stock Exchange floor

Source: New York Stock Exchange

Equity futures remain largely unchanged in early Tuesday morning trading. Dow And S & P 500 Both were low at the beginning of the week.

While Dow Jones Industrial Average futures fell 25 points, both the S & P 500 futures and the Nasdaq 100 futures traded in the slightly positive territory.

The Dow fell 126 points, or 0.36%, in its regular session on Monday, the worst daily performance since May 19.

Nasdaq Composite rose 0.5% on Monday BiogenBiopharmacy inventories have since surged 38%. FDA approves breakthrough Alzheimer’s disease treatment..

Meme shares continued the rally on Monday.Stocks AMC Entertainment Increased by 14.8% blackberries And Game stop Stock prices also surged by double digits. US Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday Continuous monitoring of market volatility And he vowed to protect individual investors.

Investors are waiting for a new inflation signal later this week following Friday Job report. The US did not increase employment more than expected in May, but the unemployment rate fell from 6.1% to 5.8% and the market responded positively to this read.

Goldman Sachs’ Chris Hussey wrote in a note on Monday that “Friday’s Goldilocks salary report has dispelled concerns that the economy is a little too good, but reflation has been delayed a bit. “Today’s market movements indicate that these concerns may continue.”

The May Consumer Price Index will be released on Thursday. According to Dow Jones, economists expect CPI to rise 4.7% year-on-year. The consumer price index rose 4.2% annually in April, the highest rate since 2008.

At the next Federal Open Market Committee meeting scheduled for June 15-16, investors are paying close attention to what Fed officials say about inflation and monetary policy. It is missing.Recent comments by officials include the Fed Prepare the market for tapering Purchase of that asset.

Stock futures silenced after the Dow began to lower the week

Source link Stock futures silenced after the Dow began to lower the week

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