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The Kahn High School District began its graduation week with graduation ceremonies at Stockdale High School and Miramonte High School on Monday night. Later this week, the district will hold ceremonies for its continuing schools as well as 16 other general high schools.

“Tonight’s graduates have faced certain important challenges in the last four years, especially in the last two years,” KHSD coach Bryon Schaefer said at the Stockdale ceremony. “Thanks to being here tonight, they have overcome everything. They are ready for the challenges ahead of the future.”

After a year of less social events, the bright and refreshing weather of the graduation ceremony felt like an elegant moment for Mustang graduates in black and silver gowns. It was.

Alumni Jeffrey Wood, like most KHSD seniors, did not return to face-to-face learning when the campus was reopened. So it felt “unrealistic” for him to come back to campus and meet everyone for the graduation ceremony. But it was nice to see the seniors I grew up with grow up soon.

“I’m glad if you can celebrate it,” he said.

Wood missed the social side of the school. He said many classmates suffered from mental health problems caused by isolation. His mother, Dionne Wood, said it was a feat for them to overcome what they had done to graduate.

She gestured at the graduation ceremony and said, “I want to get this.” “It’s a relief.”

Graduation is always a moment to celebrate high school grades, but those grades feel a particularly tough fight after spending more than a year and a half on distance learning, especially before the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19). For Alexis Winn students, who said school wasn’t particularly easy for her.

Win said. “This year was tremendously difficult.”

Distance education made the school even harder, and Win felt he had to teach himself to reach the finish line this year, so it felt like a big achievement to be able to graduate. ..

“This group of seniors is in the most difficult situation I have witnessed in education, and everyone will be patient and will continue to address future challenges,” said Odin, Principal of Stockdale High School.

He praised the class of 600 graduates who gathered in the Mustang field. At some point, 400 of them won the honor role. Twenty-two of them were the first students in the class, which means they earned the highest possible 4.5 GPA. In addition, four students are national merit scholarship finalists, representing half of the students who qualify for programs in the county.

It started as a celebration, but it was also a joke. Student organization leader Shannon Lee made a speech on behalf of the students in 2019 in a nonsensical sentence.

“In zoom my camera is always off, so you probably don’t know who I am,” she said.

Lee told his senior class that they should be praised because they were in different upper grades.

“We are built differently,” she said.

Stockdale High seniors breathe a sign of relief as they graduate | News Source link Stockdale High seniors breathe a sign of relief as they graduate | News

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