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Columbus (WCMH) — Stone FortsThe mother filed an illegal death case on Tuesday, alleging that her son had been exposed to extensive hazing.

Shari Foltz said in a civil lawsuit that Stone J. Foltz, 20, the son of Delaware, Ohio, has pledged to Bowling Green State University’s Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity and its Delta Beta Chapter.

“In the process of the pledge, Stoneforts is broadly limited to, but not limited to, being provided with an unusual amount of alcohol in a short period of time and being forced to drink during the” large / small “ritual of fraternity. I was exposed to the haze. According to a complaint filed in Franklin County Court.

Stone Forts

“At admission (a few hours after the” Big / Little “event), Stoneforts had a BAC of 0.394 g / dL. The haze caused physical injury, mental distress, and ultimately Stone Fortz’s death, “the complaint said.

Stone Fortz died three days later, on March 7, after a doctor kept him alive to donate organs.

Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity has a long history of haze and death, alleging complaints, and BGSU was warned in 2018 and 2019 that the Pi Kappa Delta Beta Chapter was haze.

Forts drank a bottle of alcohol in 18 minutes and was taken back to his apartment by Jacob Klin of Delaware, a man assigned to his welfare by fraternity, complaints say. Instead of watching over Fortz, Klin left a pledge to his roommate Wade Mackenzie. Wade Mackenzie called Fortz’s girlfriend Maddy Borja.

The two sat down with the unconscious Fortz, and he began to turn blue and purple. At that point, Borja called an ambulance while Mackenzie was doing CPR, the complaint says.

“Unfortunately, doctors couldn’t get Stoneforts back because of a long-term lack of oxygen,” the complaint said.

In addition, a Lucas County coroner ruled that Stoneforts’ cause of death was a fatal ethanol poisoning during a hazy ritual of college fraternity, the complaint said.

Cooper Elliott, a law firm that created the Forts complaint, has filed 11 violations against various defendants. This includes anti-haze, negligence, negligence oversight, intentional mental distress, distress due to mental distress, and civil conspiracy.

According to complaints, Grove City’s Troy Hendrickson planned the event, but wasn’t present after handing it over to other members. Dublin’s Canyon Caldwell has also been named with complaints.

Fortz Real Estate also says it is seeking damages for every claim of at least $ 25,000 and will seek more in court. They are also seeking punitive damages, attorneys’ fees and expenses, and additional remedies from the court as determined by the judge.

Stone Foltz family sues fraternity, 20 others Source link Stone Foltz family sues fraternity, 20 others

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