Stonewall takes all the risks it has fought and blames those who oppose it in hate speech Sonia Soda

IIt has never been the ideal pride month for Stonewall. Joyful celebrations, flag-raising protests and parades will inevitably be postponed until later this year.But its CEO, Nancy Kelly, took a look at feminism last week. Anti-semitism??

Two of the founders of Stonewall have accused charity of getting lost.Independent Review The University of Essex’s policy of assisting transgender staff was reviewed by Stonewall by the QC on illegal platforming of two women’s scholars, and the law “seems that Stonewall wants it rather than the status quo.” It turned out to be unfairly telling. Woman.And after the Equality and Human Rights Commission left Stonewall’s Diversity Champion Program, Equality Minister Liz Truss was reportedly in the government sector. Follow..

Stone wall Characterized this As a series of malicious attacks by the right-wing media and political regime. While some criticize Stonewall, whose track record of equality is questionable, focusing on the messenger’s intent does not escape the essential criticism. Many gender-critical feminists who appear to be in the same bucket as anti-Semitism have overturned the law prohibiting “promotion” in Section 28, Stonewall, a former mighty citizenship group. I believe. Homosexuality now poses a risk to women.

Gender-critical feminists believe that in patriarchal societies, the female body and the female role in sexuality and reproduction play a major role in repression. Therefore, gender identity (the feeling of being male or female regardless of biological gender) cannot completely replace sex as a protected property of equality law, and women are organized based on their gender. And have the right to access single sex. space.

At the age of 18, who saw feminism as a battle for equal pay for equal work, I may have turned to this.But now, 20 years after becoming a woman, my feminism has matured and I have come to understand that male violence is a more important means of oppression than the appointment of officers in a patriarchal society. If you think it’s an exaggeration, most 1 in 3 women Experienced domestic violence in a lifetime Woman is killed In the UK every 4 days by her partner or ex-partner 7/10 Many of us are sexually harassed in public.That is why women’s rights to gender services such as shelters and women’s prisons, where two-thirds of women are sacrificed domestic violence, Very important: to protect yourself from male violence.

Here, there is a conflict with Stonewall’s campaign to abolish the legal provisions for single sex spaces so that men who identify themselves as women have the same rights as they were born as women. Gender-critical feminists see the reduction of femininity into gender expression as a strengthening of regressive gender norms, but the disagreement about what it means to be a woman is that It’s one thing, whether it’s just emotional or sex-related. But Kelly likens these views to anti-genderism, and the freedom of women to express them should be respected. It is unusual to believe that it is justified to claim. Legally reduced..

This is not a special point of view that feminists can ignore. Women should be free to express their opinion that it is dangerous to allow men who identify themselves as women to have access to women-only spaces as a default. This is not a theoretical story. Abused men do everything in their power to access female victims, but we have not been able to get police, prisons or other agencies to protect us. Karen WhiteA trans woman who committed two rapes by a man, a nasty assault, a terrible in gross involving a child, was put in a woman’s prison and sexually assaulted a woman’s prisoner.

Through the Diversity Champion scheme, where 850 organizations, including many public institutions, pay to certify diversity policies, Stonewall raises gender-critical women for fear of being unfairly accused of hate speech. It has the power to scare and silence.Despite serving to advise the organization on equality law, it misrepresents it, and trance people have the right to access gay spaces, depending on the gender of their choice. (In fact, it’s important Exclusion). The University of Essex recreated this error, reviewed annually by Stonewall, in its policy and said denying them was harassment and had real-world consequences. Two women’s scholars criticized gender. I was illegally discriminated against by the university because of my opinion. The students who spread the violent threats No disciplineStonewall has also been sued by a black lesbian barrister, Allison Bailey, Employment discrimination based on her gender-critical views. Another view that Stonewall seems to hate is the belief that biological men competing in women’s sports need to be restricted, and lesbians can define their attraction as same-sex rather than same-sex. Includes the belief that it can be done, and the High Court’s view that children cannot think meaningfully. I agree to take adolescent blockers.

It’s disastrous for Stonewall’s board to not understand what its actions are endangering. Some campaigners may hesitate to try to win people who don’t fit their worldview, because they are considered evil, but this stops progress and repels them. It’s a surefire way to produce it. As an anti-racist, it’s my job to explain non-intuitive concepts such as structural discrimination to those who have never met them, rather than blaming them as prejudiced. I think. By equating gender-critical views with racism, Stonewall has lost the opportunity to win the debate and build solidarity through compromise. Do you see why in many other situations trans women have no reason to be treated differently than born women?

Ultimately, it’s in the hands of those who are trying to fuel a cultural see Robin DiAngelo And her false notion of white vulnerabilities is an off-the-shelf caricature for the right to use it to pretend that whites should self-flag for their privileges, Very counterproductive to building solidarity, but a mainstream anti-racist belief. Similar, as major British LGBT philanthropic groups draw similarities between gender-critical feminism and hate speech. It’s horrifying to look like it’s playing a role. I hope there is a way back.

Sonia Sodha is an observer columnist

Stonewall takes all the risks it has fought and blames those who oppose it in hate speech Sonia Soda

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