Stop with Piano Black plastic interior trim

I thought it wasn’t necessary to write this, but the tragedy of “Piano Black Trim” seems to never end. We’re talking about the glossy black trim being a luxurious trim used to classify interiors that might otherwise be lacking in class.

Last week LA Auto Show I will reveal that I am exhibiting a lot of it.both New Subaru Soltera When Toyota bZ4X The black plastic of the piano is used in the completely wrong place.The same goes For the new Kia SportageHowever, some of these examples are just a moment of industry-wide obsession with shiny black.

This shiny trim looks great on flashy press photos New car It’s an interior, but it doesn’t look good as soon as the photo is taken. Anyone who owns a piano black trim car already knows what will happen over time. First, it is covered with dust and particles — this only takes a day or two. Second, this part takes months to a year, but is badly scratched and generally looks terrible. It could be the least durable interior trim material ever invented and is now used in countless new cars.

By the way, the use of piano black trim has been increasing recently, and it continues to increase. In most cases, it replaces plastic, which may otherwise have a flat black or gray finish. These flat, non-flashy trim pieces withstand years of abuse and don’t get dirty as easily as Piano Black. That raises the question, why did automakers decide to flock to the new piano-black-all styles?

Perhaps the piano black interior trim is more effective at Car sales.. We humans tend to be attracted to shiny things such as diamond rings and expensive watches. Of course, if one interior surprises us with sparkling flares and another is dull, we could end up choosing the one that hit us with that first “wow” element.

As the trend goes into full swing, some argue for the fight against the black trim of the piano. Honda design New civic A center console that intentionally did not use piano black trim and instead chose gray plastic with lining. It doesn’t get scratched or soiled like Piano Black, but it’s still a visually interesting trim that’s better than no design at all.

This kind of intentional design is exactly what I want. Remove the black trim of the piano that is flat inside or that you will often touch. If it is flat, dust will collect quickly. Frequent touching or placing objects can scratch the trim and quickly lose its luster. The only areas where black trim on the piano is acceptable are vertical spots and where fingerprints don’t often stain it.our Long-term Hyundai Palisade In most cases, you’ll enforce this rule by limiting the black trim of the piano to a specific area, such as around infotainment, and using silver trim, such as metal, in high-impact areas.

And let me speak out while we’re doing this trim rant Carbon fiber Interior trim as another developed trend. Cars with performance inking appear to be fitted with carbon interior trim as standard (or as an option). I was obsessed with seeing carbon fiber in as many places as possible, but it was a long time ago. Now it just looks tired and cheap.

I am still grateful for using carbon fiber for exterior parts such as the rear spoiler and side sills. Full carbon car There are also those places — but their purpose is largely wasted internally. If carbon trim had legally cut off the real pound, I would be all that. But with such limited use in the interior (dash, door, or center console surround strip), it does not reduce visible weight, and beautiful wood or patterned metal trim is much more luxurious. I can see.

Needless to say, the cost of adding carbon fiber trim is usually higher or similar than the cost of a much more luxurious alternative. I want to stare at the open-pore walnut dash rather than the one stuffed with carbon fiber.And don’t let me start Carbon fiber trim steering wheel.. Carbon behaves like all the metal in the car on hot days and is inaccessible for the first few minutes of driving. This is not the good quality that a steering device has.

Let’s say goodbye to both Piano Black and carbon fiber interior trim. The former is simply a bad idea to extend the life of the interior, and the latter has many more attractive options.

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Stop with Piano Black plastic interior trim

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