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Portsmouth, Virginia (WAVY) – “Summer slides” are always a concern for families and educators, especially after a year of hybrid learning. Pandemic. Many managers and teachers say they don’t have to worry about their families using learning programs. Schools and local organizations have game plans that go far beyond regular summer schools, all for free.

“What we said this summer was,’What can we do with additional things that we might not have been able to do before because of the way virtual learning is done?’ Dr. Kelly Sed, English art curriculum lead from kindergarten to high school Hampton City School..

In addition to the school’s e-reader program, which provides thousands of books to students of all ages, Dr. Sed said Hampton junior high school students can participate in the summer reading and zoom game program.

“They get these emojis and bit letters they create, and in the end, they have their own visuals that are put together from all their experiences, like a digital locker. But instead, the digital facilitation of their book. The kids are really excited about that part. When we picked it up, “What in the book by pulling all these little emojis etc. You will be able to digitize what you are doing, “he said.” It’s so cool! “

Dr. Sed said teachers promote the Zoom Book Club and students can participate in the conversations and crafts that accompany the book. She said the school district bought the craft kit so it wouldn’t cost the students to sign up. During the summer, all students take their Chromebooks home.

“We want to make sure through the lens of fairness that no matter what part of the department they belong to, we don’t have to worry that everyone has what they need. We also know that summer slippage occurs, and we also know that students with low socioeconomic status are usually slippery, “says Dr. Cedo.

She is especially excited Free book distribution Hampton City School was founded in Kroger off Mercury Boulevard for all students. She says school staff are there handing out free books from 9am to 4:30 pm on June 15th. Students can choose between two books, but supplies remain.

“We have worked with Hampton’s partners to collect a large number of books, so there are new books donated through various partnerships,” said Dr. Cedo.

There are also many reading opportunities for high school students.

“In high school, our teacher librarians ensure that students have access through an ebook platform, so from grades 9 to 12, you can access books throughout the summer. Pre- From K to 12th grade, we also work with the Hampton Public Library. “

“We’ll have six weeks of face-to-face, outdoor programming, and some virtual opportunities, and we’ll also give out lots of great prizes,” he said. Hampton Public Library..

According to Hasan, the library program includes three levels of reading: picture book readers, chapter book readers, and teenage readers.All you have to do Registration..

“Register yourself or your family and you’ll be able to read them all summer, and you’ll win badges and prizes along the way. Raffle every two weeks.”

To qualify for a raffle or prize, simply record the book you read in the next program. Beanstack..

“Picture book readers need to read at least five books a week. Chapter book readers have two books a week, and our teens have at least one book a week. You need to read. This can be anything of your choice, “Hasan said.

Fitness is also a big focus.

At Virginia Beach, Alan Rogers Great neck wreck center It is advisable to check the fitness station trail with your family Mount trash mower..

“We have strength equipment. We have cardio-based equipment. In fact, we also have balanced equipment and agility,” Rogers said.

He emphasizes the ease with which you can involve your entire family.

“Each of them (part of the equipment) definitely has plaques that show how to use the equipment. For example, there are usually multiple ways to use the dip bar or step up. Do things with your family. It’s also a good place to go. “

Between trainings, Virginia Beach City Public School students can use their Chromebooks throughout the summer to enjoy reading, math, art, and more. There is also special hospitality in July.

“Last year we decided to develop our video lesson website, Asynchronous. Log in using Virginia Beach’s licensed credentials from Pre-K-5 for students at Virginia Beach City’s public schools. Yes, our students see one of our great teachers teaching literacy or mathematical lessons every week of July, so they are in mathematics and reading throughout July. We took really rigorous and developmentally appropriate lessons taught by one of our own teachers every week for, and we continue this year as well. Each of these lessons includes a parent video. Therefore, teachers can also create videos for parents to extend and support lessons at home and practice their skills throughout the week after the child attends the lesson. I will help you understand how to do it. ” Daniel Colucci, Executive Director of Primary Education and Learning at Virginia Beach City Public Schools.

According to Colucci, there are plenty of free resources available to students when using Virginia Beach login credentials.

“such as Achieve 3000 What the department purchased for us to use. It’s for grades 3-5, they can engage in differentiated reading articles asking them questions, and it works with them at their level. Second, Smarty Ants is aimed at students from kindergarten to second grade and focuses on the phonics and phoneme recognition skills that children need. There is also Red Bird, a differentiated math program tailored to student success. Therefore, if you need to back up your students and check their skills, do so or challenge them. They are all available throughout the summer and children can have as many or as few as they want. We’ve also posted free resources on our website for kids, as well as Virginia Beach City Public School, with some suggestions for suitable activities that you can do at home with your kids during the summer. “

It’s all about ensuring that your child avoids summer slips and keeps climbing.

“During the summer, children can benefit from reading and learning experience, so they need to think they need something elaborate or go out and buy a lot. It’s very important not to think or overthink that there is something. Reading is the best thing you can do with your child, even if you are reading to your child. ” Told.

Spokespersons at schools around Hampton Roads and North Carolina all say they run online and possibly face-to-face programs during the summer. Remember, it’s all free. They also say they send that information directly to their parents via email and leaflets.

To learn more about the program through schools in your city click here.

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