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Storm sweeps Hawaii, brings threat of ‘catastrophic’ floods | US & World News – Kansas City, Missouri

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Honolulu (AP) — Strong winds and heavy rains flooded roads, warning of a worsening situation that could occur on Monday with a strong storm that knocked out electricity across Hawaii.

According to the National Meteorological Service, the storm poses a “catastrophic flood” threat in the coming days as the low-pressure system slowly moves from east to west and stays on the edge of the archipelago.

Governor David Ige, who issued a state of emergency on all islands of the state on Monday night, said:

On Oahu, where four shelters were opened, most of Waikiki’s beaches were emptied on Monday, and very few people walked with an umbrella while taking a heavy shower. Roads flooded the area, and cars passed through downtown as water spewed from the manhole cover.

Power outages and floods have already been reported on Maui, with more than a foot (30 centimeters) of rain in some areas.

The constant rain has forced three couples from the mainland U.S. to postpone the elopement of Maui, said Nicole Bonanno, owner of Bella Bloom Floral, Wailea’s wedding florist and boutique. increase.

According to Bonanno, the weather also brought delays in flower delivery, powerless Ray companies, and employees bravely confronting flooded roads littered with debris.

“The road, everything is messed up,” she said. “Many trees have fallen.”

Jimmy Gomez, who lives in Maui, was waiting for the lights to return home on Monday after a power outage at 6 pm on Sunday. His rain gauge was 7 inches (17.78 centimeters): “I haven’t seen this kind of rain for a long time,” he said.

“The wind was barking last night,” he said. “But this morning it was really foggy, it rained, and it stopped.”

Mayor Mitch Ross of the Big Island declared a state of emergency on Sunday due to possible heavy rains and strong winds.

According to meteorological officials, some areas of southern Hilo were hit by very heavy rains over the weekend.

According to the National Weather Service, all islands face the threat of flash floods, lightning strikes, landslides and strong winds over the next two days.

Oahu and Kauai were able to bear the brunt of the storm on Monday and Tuesday. But for the already flooded islands of Maui and Hawaii, “it won’t take too much additional rain to lead to major problems,” said Robert Ballard, a meteorologist at the US Marine and Atmospheric Administration.

The winter weather system, known as the “Kona Cyclone,” alerted emergency throughout the weekend, delivering wind, rain, and even snowstorm conditions at some of Hawaii’s highest altitudes.

A weekend snowstorm warning, the highest peak in the Big Island of Hawaii, has been issued.

It is not uncommon for snow to fall on the summit of Mauna Kea, which is about 14,000 feet (4,270 meters) high. The last snowstorm warning was issued at the summit in 2018. Residents do not live in the summit, but there are telescope stations and offices where other staff work.

According to the Meteorological Bureau, there were reports of eight inches (20 centimeters) of snow falling on the road below Mauna Kea, and authorities were working to reach the summit to get more measurements. It was a forecast of snow at the top of the mountain.

At the summit of Mauna Kea, gusts of nearly 130 mph (138 km / h) were recorded, and there were also strong winds.

Strong winds have also occurred in other low-altitude areas, with gusts exceeding 50 mph (80 km) recorded in several parts of the state, according to meteorological officials.

Connarrow is a type of low-pressure system formed near Hawaii in the winter and has some unique meteorological characteristics, said Ballard, Head of Science and Operations for the National Weather Service in Hawaii. ..

“We often see large amounts of tropical moisture being sucked up from the equatorial region. Kona’s cyclones tend to move slowly, concentrating heavy rains and thunderstorms in one region for extended periods of time. It can be done, and it can also cause strong winds from strong winds, “Ballard said.

In hawaii Aged dam The entire state that had problems during the previous storm. In 2006, heavy rains broke the walls of the Karoko Reservoir on Kauai, flooding the hillside with waves of water and mud. Seven people, including pregnant women, died.

The March rainfall raised concerns that the dam might have collapsed on Maui when the floods destroyed houses and flooded roads.The same storm system caused damaging floods Oahu When Kauai landslide..

Ballard said other states and federal agencies are monitoring the dam, a condition that people need to be aware of.

“This is a situation where we need to continue to monitor and recognize and make sure that people understand that it is the type of situation where flash floods can occur very suddenly,” Ballard said. Says.

——— AP Communications Writer Jennifer Sinco Kelleher of Honolulu contributed to this report.

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Storm sweeps Hawaii, brings threat of ‘catastrophic’ floods | US & World News Source link Storm sweeps Hawaii, brings threat of ‘catastrophic’ floods | US & World News

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