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Cleveland, Ohio 2022-05-23 17:50:27 –

Stowe, Ohio (WJW) – Members of the Stowe Munroe Falls Board of Education on Monday night are expected to vote for a new line of dress code for district staff.

In addition to other existing dress code requirements, this line must also meet the following requirements:

  • Physically clean
  • Well maintained
  • Dress in a way that is consistent with their professional responsibilities
  • Dress up in a way that tells students who are proud of their personal appearance
  • Dress in a manner that does not damage your district’s property and ensure that your hairstyle and clothing do not interfere with the educational process or pose a health or safety hazard.

The new guidelines were created by an organization called Learning Associates in northeastern Ohio. The organization consults with 1,500 schools nationwide on policy issues.

A NEOLA spokesman will call FOX 8 from Florida to provide guidance only and tell you that if your client district chooses not to adopt that language, that’s okay too. Teachers and staff are believed to have rights under Title IX, even if new lines of policy have not been adopted.

“No one in the United States may be excluded, denied or discriminated against in any federal-sponsored educational program or activity on the basis of gender. Hmm.”

This review has been praised by Aaron Yeager of the Stow Collaboration for Change.

“Non-binary people, especially those who perceive it as transgender, have certain challenges when it comes to the classroom workplace,” Jaeger said.

We also welcome Lisa Berthold, a former elementary school teacher and grandmother at Stowe.

“Unless the dress code is completely inappropriate, it’s actually nude. If you know what I mean, of course, if it’s in the correct parameters, there’s nothing wrong with it,” Berthold said. Says.

FOX 8 also talked to other parents outside the district’s high school and found that even those who were uncomfortable with the policy understood why it was being considered.

“I think they really have to think about what they want to do. I don’t think everyone agrees, but in another sense I think it’s really wrong to do that. No, “Lisa Dayton said.

“We are God’s creation of us, which does not mean we hate people who make different distinctions in other ways. They are still humans,” said Scott Wittner. ..

Monday’s board meeting is scheduled for 7 pm at Kimpton Middle School

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