Stow-Munroe Falls schools closed Monday for staffing shortage – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2021-11-29 17:26:13 –

Ohio Stowe (WJW) – Storage-The Munro Falls School District remained closed on Mondays. On this day, parents of the school district expected the students to return after the Thanksgiving break.

Instead, at the beginning of Monday, parents were informed that the district would remain closed due to staff shortages.

Director Tom Bratten explained in an email to Fox 8 News that multiple challenges combine to force a decision.

“Currently, like most areas, disease bugs, COVIDs, and everything else, it’s been a big blow to our area, and our area is no exception. This morning, it’s to us throughout the area. It was a huge blow, “Bratten explained.

The district’s Covid-19 dashboard shows four students and staff in quarantine, as well as a small number of -19 active cases among staff and students in nine buildings in the district.

According to the director, transportation has become a major challenge due to seasonal colds, the flu and other factors.

“The lack of alternatives in the school system makes it impossible to get all students to school on time and far away, even if they double the route. There was, now, “Bratten said in an email.

My parents, who talked to Fox8 News on Monday, were doing everything at once.

“It’s a good day for them to get home from school and go out in the snow, so take advantage of it,” said Dan Missiti, who took the kids to the sleigh outside high school. ..

“There is speculation that there were many bus drivers because teachers weren’t allowed to take a personal day the day after the holiday, but I’m not sure,” Karen Marand said. “It’s not like last year. At least they’re going to school now. Last year I had only two days a week and three days at home, so it’s great to actually go to school,” Derek Baker said. Mr. says.

There was no manager in the office on Monday when Fox 8 stopped at the district headquarters.

“This was just an anomaly because we want to be able to get back on track tomorrow and this has never happened to us before,” Bratten explained.

Stow-Munroe Falls schools closed Monday for staffing shortage Source link Stow-Munroe Falls schools closed Monday for staffing shortage

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