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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-07-31 22:43:42 –

Stowe, Ohio (WJW) — “I don’t know what to do or how to achieve this,” Susan Clad said in tears.

It was a moving week for the inhabitants of Storage After Glenn Retirement Village and his family said the healthcare center would close on Wednesday.

“I think the day has come when Stouglen is currently under some terrible financial constraints and they can no longer do it,” said Stowe Mayor John Pribonic.

He says Stouglen has been in the community for 37 years and hasn’t seen it come.

The Legend of Zelda lived there for almost seven years. “Then I thought,’Where are you going now?'”

Cullado says she is her daughter and was told to move as soon as possible. “She really liked living there and said she didn’t want to move.”

Several nursing homes in the area have been strengthened, including the Briarwood Healthcare Community, which has accommodated 13 residents.

“Many of my teams here stayed and they prepared many rooms on the side of our life support and care professionals,” said manager Tiffany Kowartik.

However, moving the property of the inhabitants has presented another challenge, and that is where the mayor, high school athletic director and club interaction advisor have found a way to help.

“Manpower was born out of asking students,” said Dina Henderson, a ninth-grade teacher at Stoman Low Falls High School, who is also a “Club Interact” advisor.

They say more than 75 volunteers, consisting of students, parents and neighbors, appeared on Saturday morning with notice within 24 hours.

“It went from collecting boxes to packing boxes, entering rooms, making sure there was a suitable room, and helping those residents put things in the boxes.” Kylefeldman, Stoman Low Athletic Director, said.

“Many of our students came to our second new home and helped unpack it, what would happen to me, what would happen if this was my mother, what would happen if this was my grandparents. Said Henderson.

However, the work is not completed. “Currently, there are about 218 individuals in Stoglen, which will be the process of moving these people forward,” says Pribonic.

This includes the non-profit Pathway to Independence, an organization that works with highly functional adults with developmental disabilities.

“That means 15 young adults are looking for an apartment in one place. They don’t want to lose socializing and their friends. It’s almost impossible. Another obstacle is this in Summit County. That’s what we need to do, “said co-founder Janine Webb.

They are looking for a place to accommodate them and their staff, as well as offices and apartments that live in an apartment style. What they say is not easy to find.

“This is not about Stoglen. They are great, our young adults love to live there, our young adults love our staff. This says we didn’t get any notice. It’s just a fact, “Webb said.

The road to independence seeks to reach out to anyone who may have a place for them in Summit County.

The residents we talked to said it was unclear when they needed to move, but Pribonic says they need to move until October 26th. He also said he was working with 185 staff to help them find another job.

I’ve contacted Stouglen several times, but I haven’t heard back.

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