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Stowaway roadrunner returned to Las Vegas after cross-country adventure – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-11-24 20:00:00 –

Terry Heights / Bird Shelter via AP

Roadrunner will take a break at Avian Haven, a bird rehab facility on November 14, 2021 in Freedom, Maine. The bird boarded a van storage that traveled from Las Vegas to Westbrook, Maine.

A road runner who was housed in a Las Vegas mobile van and made a cross-country trip to Maine has returned.

Birds arriving in Westbrook, Maine on November 13 landed at McCarran International Airport on a flight arranged by a bird rescue group this afternoon.

The man and his son were unloading a van at a storage facility when they discovered a road runner and called Avian Haven, a rehab center in Freedom, Maine.

The group kept the birds in the facility and fed the mice and live superworms until they were strong enough to go home. He was losing weight during the four-day expedition.

Staff drove a road runner to Boston Logan International Airport for three hours for a direct flight to Las Vegas. They put some frozen mice in his cage, hugged him during the trip, and injected him with water to hydrate him.

When he landed, the Nevada Wildlife Service picked him up and took him back to the neighborhood where he jumped into a moving van.

Doug Nielsen, a spokesman for the Nevada Wildlife Service, said: “You only get blur.”

According to Nielsen, the Nevada Wildlife Service has consulted with biologists and wildlife rehabilitation experts to determine that it is best to get as close as possible to his normal territory.

“On the surface, moving animals is not always the best choice,” says Nielsen. “Fortunately, this road runner story ended where it started, but that’s not always the answer …. on a case-by-case basis.”

Nielsen discouraged people from trying to move wildlife on their own, as it could cause serious problems for native species. For example, raccoons that are not native to the region were brought in by someone and are now abundant near the Las Vegas Wash, Nielsen said.

“We would like to thank Avian Haven, a wildlife rehabilitation facility in Freedom, Maine, for taking care of the birds and facilitating their return,” said Nielsen.

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