Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer: Video Reveals New Characters

I’m looking for clues! During Netflix TUDUM: Netflix Global Fan Event, Streaming Giants revealed a simple teaser Stranger Things Season 4..

Show stars during a virtual event on Saturday, September 25th Gaten Matarazzo, Joe Keery When mat When Ross Duffer With the introduction of new clips, it’s clear that a unique situation is underway. The trailer begins with a family of four getting out of a vintage car in front of a Victorian home. When they come in, the “Dream A Little Dream of Me” rendition plays in the background. When the lights flicker and notice a dead animal on the driveway, a good-looking family makes a strange look. After that, two small children can be seen fainting on the floor of the lobby.


The next scene is cut into a typical one, almost half of the clip Stranger Things Set in the 1980s so that Hawkins teens come to investigate for clues with broken windows. Fans are Keery, 29, Matarazzo, 19, Caleb McLaughlin When Sadie sink When they look around an abandoned dwelling.

As Dustin Henderson quotes Sherlock Holmes, “The world is full of obvious things and no one ever observes,” Matarazzo explains in a clip.

In Act 3 of the trailer, entitled “Creel House,” several grandfathers’ clocks tick before one glass surface shatters.

Streaming platform Finally shared the teaser clip in August With mashup of old and new images. In one scene, eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) Arrive at a facility that was previously captured with other numbered subjects. In another example, Joyce’s (Winona Ryder) Season 3 decision to leave town with Will (Noah Schnapp) And Eleven may have been short-lived.

NS First trailer for the next season, Which one Postponed due to coronavirus pandemic, Dropped in February 2020, Hopper (David harbor) Was alive, but in Russia.

Introducing new characters and locations in Stranger Things Season 4: Watch New Trailer

“It’s my favorite season in the sense that he’s the purest. He’s the most vulnerable in a way,” he said. Black widow Actor, 46, Collider In June. “We can reinvent him in a way … he can be reborn.”

After the Cliffhanger from the Season 3 finale, the Duffer brothers announced Season 4 production Just before the hopper clip debuts.

rear Season 3 Finale CliffhangerThe Duffer brothers announced the production of Season 4 with the debut of the Hopper clip.

“We are delighted to officially confirm that the production of Stranger Things 4 is currently underway, and we are even more pleased to announce the resurrection of Hopper,” the Duffer brothers said in a statement at the time. “That’s not all good news for our’Americans’, but he’s imprisoned in the snow-covered wasteland of Kamchatka, far from home, where he faces the dangers of both humans and others. Will do. “

Expected to return in 2022, the series is expected to bring back fans’ favorite and new characters as well. Jamie Campbell Bower, Amybeth McNulty, Miles Truit And more actors are set to join the cast.

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Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer: Video Reveals New Characters

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