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Arlington, Texas 2021-05-25 14:40:28 –

A Technology initiative Assisting Arlington’s emergency response personnel by relying on crowd heat mapping is expected to increase next month.

The pilot program aims to equip streetlights with sensors Wilson Boulevard 2900 blocksInform the county’s emergency operations staff so that they can monitor potential incidents while assisting the first responder.

Holly Hartel, Assistant Chief Information Officer for Arlington County’s Strategic Initiative, said in an email:

According to the county, the sensor does not provide an image of an individual, but instead helps count people, bicycles, and vehicles. The pilot’s device can also collect changes in temperature, relative humidity, and air quality, says the county.

Sketch images are collected during the one-week test period to compare the actual crowd size with the algorithm connected to the sensor, but no images are captured after that, Hartell said.

The sensor is on a wireless network, and non-visual metadata is anonymized, aggregated, and finally sent to the county. Open data portal The Emergency Operations Center monitoring desk is located next to the county’s main dispatch floor and is typically used to monitor large-scale events.

According to Hartell, the installation and testing of the sensor is scheduled for mid-to-late June.The information collected by the sensors is from the county Open data portal As early as this autumn.

project Initially, we were considering collecting other types of data, such as recording information from nearby Bluetooth-enabled devices such as mobile phones, but decided on an optical sensor to maximize privacy protection. .. FAQ Guide To tell.

“Arlington County has ownership and full authority over what data is collected,” the county states in the FAQ.

The county states that this technology could improve medical and other public security response times, as well as awareness of irregular and unexpected incidents.

This project will be realized through Comcast, a non-profit US Ignite, and a state-funded partnership. Commonwealth Cyber ​​Initiative..

“To start the demo project, the county is accepting donations of about $ 90,000 from project partners,” the county said. “The county’s estimated contribution to the project is $ 13,601 for the contract services required to install and maintain the proposed lamps throughout the demonstration project.”

Annual demonstrations may also help county authorities consider using the technology elsewhere in the future.

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Streetlight Sensors Aim to Improve Safety Source link Streetlight Sensors Aim to Improve Safety

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