Strong, damaging wind gusts possible through Friday – Wichita, Kansas

Wichita, Kansas 2021-01-14 08:18:09 –

Wind events are on track, with gusts of 70 mph already being seen this morning in some parts of western Kansas.

Expect tremendous momentum for the next few days. Many people have strong wind warnings (dark yellow shaded counties) and wind warnings (sand shaded counties), and considering how dry they were, there are also fire weather warnings.

The chances of a fire are very high this afternoon. These strong winds are associated with meteorological systems that drag cold fronts into the region and begin to cool.

Clouds are sometimes filtered as the system passes by. Highs this afternoon are expected in the 40s and 50s.

Rain and snow spots have already been seen throughout the state this morning, but coverage remains limited for the rest of today.

When the system that passes us north dives south, it offers the possibility of picking up Friday’s wraparound snow in central and southern Kansas. The event favors the region east of I-135 and is expected to have the most snowfall in northeastern Kansas.

A small amount of accumulation is possible, but there is a lack of better humidity to see a significant amount of snowfall from this system cutting us northeast.

From here, on Friday nights, on cool weekends, the winds get stronger. The system passing west may have a slight mix of rain and snow in western Kansas from Saturday night to Sunday, but no significant impact is expected.

This weekend, daytime highs will return to their 40s and nighttime lows will return to their 20s. Next week, it seems that the trend will continue to be drier and seasonally cooler.

Strong, damaging wind gusts possible through Friday Source link Strong, damaging wind gusts possible through Friday

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