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Strong to damaging winds possible with extreme fire danger – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-10-12 07:23:33 –

Today’s weather forecast:

Weather warnings are valid throughout the state today, with rain and snow over mountains, strong winds across plains, and extreme fire hazards east along I-25.

Rain and snow mix across the mountains today, but from the morning to the early afternoon, the snow can drop to I-70. Coupled with the wind, traveling to the central mountains and passes can sometimes be very difficult. In most areas, it will dry in the mountains by the end of the day.

Wind and fire hazards are a major concern for the I-25 Corridor and the entire plain. Gusts of up to 60 mph can occur east along I-25, causing minor wind damage. Due to low humidity and strong winds, the danger of wildfires today is very high.

Blow off sprinklers now! Tonight’s temperatures are close to below freezing in most parts of the region, so it’s a good idea to blow off the sprinkler system and overwinter tonight. The rest of the week will be below freezing or below freezing.

Colorado Springs: High: 59; Low: 34. Clouds are increasing today and showers and thunderstorms are unlikely to occur. Dry and windy conditions will probably kill the possibility of rain in most of today’s cities. The winds are very strong and will blow at 30-40 mph during the day, but there have also been occasional isolated gusts of over 50 mph. The risk of fire is very high throughout the region.

PUEBLO: High: 66; Low: 35. It is dry and calm today, very windy and at high risk of fire in the afternoon. Sustained winds can occur in the range of 30-40 mph and gusts of up to 50 mph can occur. The risk of grass fire is very high throughout the afternoon.

Canon City: high: 50; Low: 30. Although isolated showers are possible today, the main story we see is the danger of strong winds and high fires. Today’s gusts can reach a range of 50 mph, increasing the risk of wildfires until the end of the day.

Woodland Park: high: 50; Low: 20. It can be a shower and even a little snow, but most of today it is dry and windy. The risk of fire increases and gusts can exceed 40 mph. If it snows for a short time, the ground will be too warm to pile up on the pavement.

Try Lake: high: Forties; Low: 20’s. The wind is strong, showers are unlikely to occur, and the risk of fire is high. There is an isolated shower opportunity at lunchtime, but most of today should be dry. Today, dry air and strong winds with gusts of over 50 mph increase the risk of fire.

Hirano: high: 1960s; Low: 20’s. Today, most of the plains are dry, with fire hazards and strong winds being the two main threats. Today, wind speeds range from 30 to 45 mph from the southwest, with gusts of up to 60 mph. At the end of today, there could be uneven, scattered storms on the plains of the Far East, some of which could range from strong to even intense along the Kansas border.

Walsenberg / Trinidad: high: 1960s; Low: 20’s. Today it is windy and dry, with a high risk of fire and can cause gusts in the afternoon. You should be aware of high-profile vehicles along the I-25 today, as gusts of over 50 mph can be seen from lunch to afternoon. You need to stay dry along the I-25, but rain can also cause snow in the western mountains of the area and in the La Veta Pass.

Mountain: High: Forties; Low: 20’s. Today’s mountain trips can be difficult, as heavy snowfall in the San Juan and Lagaritas mountains makes it difficult to drive through the central mountains. The heaviest snow on San Juan is seen, with an area of ​​12 inches or more. The central mountains have less total snow, but most passes can still have a few inches of snow. Traveling on the I-70 can be difficult today due to snowstorms and light snowfall in some areas. Today, it is expected that it will snow from rain in and around San Gredecristos, with a mixture of rain and snow along the Laveta Pass.

Expanded outlook:
Don’t forget to blow off the sprinkler system and overwinter as it will be below or below freezing tonight.

Wednesday looks great in refreshing and sunny conditions during the day. We see a colder freeze on Wednesday night.

From Thursday night to early Friday morning, it can rain and snow. It’s unlikely that snow will pile up below 8,000 feet, but it can be cold enough to mix with the rain that falls to Pueblo by early Friday morning. In areas like Woodland Park and the monument area, we could see a few inches of grass gathering on Thursday night.

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Strong to damaging winds possible with extreme fire danger Source link Strong to damaging winds possible with extreme fire danger

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