Struggles with unemployment claims continue, KDOL responds – Wichita, Kansas

Wichita, Kansas 2021-04-30 20:16:57 –

Wichita, Kansas (KSNW) – Still looking for a job, Kansas continues to rely on unemployment and many continue to struggle with unemployment benefits.

Lakisha Anderson has received unemployment benefits, but has been waiting for unemployment benefits for several months.

After talking to four different representatives over a two-hour period on Friday morning, Anderson said the last person had an IT problem on his part and then disconnected. Anderson said he didn’t know if his proceedings had been settled or exactly what was happening.

What happened now?

“I think I’ll wait a few more days, but I don’t know,” Anderson said. “It’s just like you’re waiting, you may or may not get it.”

Anderson shares a similar story with many unemployed Wititans. On Friday, 12 Kansas gathered to express their frustration. Many have stated that it results in one problem: via a telephone line with a KDOL representative.

“There are many problems with people who are just trying to talk to someone,” said Megan Duree of Wichita. “The problem is with the customer service representative, not the complaints specialist. We need more complaints specialists.”

Dury said he had dealt with a problem similar to Anderson, even if he received the payment. She is concerned that there are not enough people to handle these complex cases.

KDOL acknowledged the number of protesters and callers available and issued the following statement:

“”KDOL respects the right of all Americans to protest peacefully. We continue to strive to get every legitimate claimant to pay all the dollars that should be paid. The agency will fund both the Federal Continuity Assistance Act and the US Rescue Program to claimants, and between the week ending 02/13 and the week ending 04/24, KDOL will provide state and federal benefits. I paid over $ 183 million. Regarding contact center contact, we announced in March that we would add up to 500 customer service staff to handle the surge in calls. We plan to deploy it over the phone from mid-March to early May. The total number of staff who directly support the petitioner is approximately 950. “

You can find more Click here for information on the complainant staff.

Protesters said they would like to shed light on those still facing the unemployment problem and work with the KDOL office to resolve these ongoing problems.

Struggles with unemployment claims continue, KDOL responds Source link Struggles with unemployment claims continue, KDOL responds

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