Students move to a hotel at risk of homelessness due to lack of housing in college – Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-09-20 15:13:39 –

The University of San Diego, California, has seen a surge in demand for on-campus experiences. Housing demand may also exceed supply.

Allyson (Kida) Bradley, a sophomore at the University of California, San Diego, said: “When you sign up for school, they say you have a two-year warranty, I think you have a two-year warranty.”

During the pandemic, the university changed its housing policy to a lottery system, prioritizing first-year and transfer students, and returning the second-year students who remained on campus housing in 2020-21.

The remaining second graders will be selected by lottery.

Before the first day of school, 707 students remained on the waiting list, and many had a hard time finding a place in the highly competitive seaside rental market.

“Imagine being low-income. You go to a great school. You get financial support. You think you’ll be fine, and then you do it You’re basically homeless while you’re there. Besides, you’re in debt. You have to take care of yourself. ”

Last year, the university reduced housing density in response to a pandemic. Eliminating the room that accommodates three students, they lost 2,000 beds.

Campuses continue to increase undergraduate housing capacity, but not enough to meet the growing demand for dormitories. Due to the state’s obligation to increase the registration of the University of California in 2015, the University of California, San Diego has achieved the largest undergraduate growth in the University of California system in the last six years.

“We don’t have to push more students into the college system until we have more housing for them,” Bradley said.

She defends many students who can’t find a place to live and works with peers Housing crisis proposal..

In their request:

  • Create a “Friends in Trouble” policy. Suite residents can temporarily invite one or more individuals to the “couch surf” in the lounge / living room space until a secure home is completed.
  • If you can’t find a place to live off campus, you can waive the parking fee.
  • To meet basic hygiene needs, we will provide the campus with space to accommodate anxious students.

UCSD is working with Marriott to offer students long-stay housing options with discounts on stays of over 90 days in the fall quarter.

They are in several schools within the UC system and are across the country facing the challenges of housing shortages.

At the University of Tampa, if a student postponed enrollment for one year, the student was offered a tuition fee of $ 3,500 per year. Standby students who could secure off-campus housing received a one-time $ 2,000 grant.

College student housing anxiety Date before the pandemic.. Palomar College has created a task force to investigate safe night parking for students.

Bradley heard from a student planning to live in his car or tent.

“Of course, I’m sorry I don’t want to be a homeless person. When I was a kid, I was a poor kid, so I felt that way. I could buy what I needed or eat at school. I’m sorry I can’t do that. “

According to university officials, schools offer a variety of services to help students achieve housing stability.

Through Off-campus housing office, Students can schedule housing counseling to see off-campus housing options. Students can also search for housing, roommates, and off-campus living resources with the help of a dedicated off-campus housing team.

There are also basic needs emergency grants available to students who do not have sufficient food or housing due to emergency medical care, the impact of COVID-19, or other urgent financial needs. However, funding is not guaranteed and students will be assessed for eligibility for financial needs before granting a grant.

Students staying at Marriott in need of financial support can apply for one-time support through the Basic Needs Hub.

In response to a housing shortage at Middlebury College in Vermont, students were offered a 50% room and board discount each semester to live in a housing complex 11 miles away. You can also rent free ski equipment with a Season Pass on the two mountains.

Universities attribute several factors to the rise.

  • COVID-19 Accommodates students returning from a leave of absence during a pandemic.
  • Students whose study abroad program has been cancelled.
  • High yields of record numbers of applicants and students who have accepted offers for admission.

Reading a student’s story, Bradley worries about the most vulnerable student, “It’s very stressful to think about having to drive to campus every day from Los Angeles. It’s unfair to lose school privileges when the school gets out of hand, so I couldn’t get a home. We encourage people to open online classes. “

They are holding Virtual Town Hall On Tuesday, September 21st, we will provide space for students to express their concerns and accommodation needs.

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