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Students must wear masks, John Bel Edwards reiterates; he blames attorney general for confusion | News – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-08-05 13:45:00 –

Governor John Bel Edwards accused state prosecutor Jeff Landry of causing confusion about children’s face mask rules and reiterated that children over the age of five should wear them.

Edwards said in a letter to Education Supervisor Cade Bramley that another letter from Laundry led to questions among some parents about exceptions to the mask rules when public schools resume classes. rice field.

The governor said the only exceptions were children under the age of five who were not in kindergarten, children with medical conditions who could not choose others by wearing face masks.

When Governor John Bel Edwards lifted the maskman date in Louisiana at the end of April, he warned that relaxing restrictions was not “one-way.”

“These are essentially the same exceptions that were included on all faces covering orders for the entire 2020-21 school year,” Edwards said in his message dated August 4.

“As you know, unlike many states, Louisiana had a relatively safe and successful face-to-face year last year, thanks to student masking,” he said.

“By adopting these measures and ignoring those who do not want to admit the current crisis, we can keep our children in school and safe this year,” Edwards wrote.

“Please feel free to forward this letter to a school district that may be working on this issue.”

Earlier this week, Laundry emailed a Justice Department employee about how to bypass the K-12 mask rule.

The Attorney General said state law allowed families to use philosophical or religious objections to avoid mask mandates.

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Attorney General Jeff Landry sent a department-wide email to his employees on Monday, suggesting a strategy to get students out of school …

The email followed Edwards’ Monday announcement that he was re-imposing an indoor mask obligation, including school students, to help fight the latest surge in coronavirus delta variants.

The governor said that even 2-5 people were “strongly encouraged” to wear face masks indoors.

Health experts said earlier this week that face masks and other rules are needed because children are more vulnerable to delta mutants than previous versions of the coronavirus.

Democrat Edwards and Republican Laundry have clashed on a variety of issues, including how to deal with a pandemic.

The governor has repeatedly called for strong government measures to combat the virus, but Laundry often favored those who rubbed on orders.

Neither Brumley nor Landry’s office could immediately ask for comment.

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Many schools in Louisiana plan to make masking an option for the 2021-22 academic year, with Governor John Bell on Monday …

Students must wear masks, John Bel Edwards reiterates; he blames attorney general for confusion | News Source link Students must wear masks, John Bel Edwards reiterates; he blames attorney general for confusion | News

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