Students with special needs struggle to adapt to their online learning model – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico 2020-10-17 20:28:24 –

Joel Davis, the parent of a special needs daughter, said, “COVID-19 really emphasized those cracks in the cure and in everything that was involved or could be involved.” Stated.

Davis said he was fortunate to live in an area where students could study directly. But other families are missing.

“We are neither a professional occupational therapist nor a professional language pathologist. We have to get a master’s degree and go to school for them. It takes years of practice to be good at it. That’s Davis, said.

State legislators Rebecca Dau (Republican 38th District) and Listomson (Republican 24th District) have called on the state to look for a solution.

“It’s possible that we don’t have the right training, the right support, and the right professional staff in each district, but COVID is definitely exacerbating that,” Dow said. Stated.

“We need to think big. We’re talking about moonshots for education and special education. Everything you need to jump over the ant hills and see something change. Maybe I can. Finally, I’ll do it, “said Thomson.

State Secretary of Education Ryan Stewart said it was a problem they were trying to address.

“People who disagree with the fact that servicing in a remote environment is much more difficult and when IEP teams get together and meet, they usually have to consider the provisions of what happens directly online. No one, Stewart said.

Lawmakers said they are working in groups to make a comprehensive plan and hope that a new law to support special education will come in January.

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