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Studies highlight the importance of mental health screening in adolescents with deafness

A new study led by researchers at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine emphasizes the importance of screening adolescents with hearing loss for depression and anxiety.

Mental health issues are often overlooked when treating patients with chronic health conditions such as deafness.A universal screening protocol for depression and anxiety in this high-risk group needs to be developed and implemented.. “

Ivette Cejas, PhD, Associate Professor and Director of Family Support Services, University of Miami Health Systems, Otorhinolaryngology, Miller School of Medicine

Early detection and intervention of mental health disorders can affect school performance and work productivity as a result of speech and hearing, so it is very important for adolescents, Dr. Sejas added. “For patients with deafness, depression and anxiety can adversely affect device use and involvement in rehabilitation programs.”

She has a universal screening for depression and anxiety Children with deafness Despite the Pediatric Society’s recommendations on the importance of adolescent mental health screening, it has not been widely adopted in clinical programs.

Dr. Cejas was the lead author of a recently published study, Prevalence of Depression and Anxiety in Adolescents with Deafness. Otology and neurology. The co-author of Miller School was postdoctoral fellow Dr. Jennifer Coto. Chrisanda Sanchez, Au.D. , Auditor; Meredith Holcomb, Au.D. Dr. Nicole E. Lorenzo is a former psychology intern and is now an assistant professor at the University of Maryland.

The study analyzed the results of psychological screening of 104 adolescents aged 12 to 18 who attended an ear clinic in a large city hospital. Researchers found that 25% of adolescents exceeded the clinical cutoff in at least one of their depression and / or anxiety measurements, with 10% being scored in the high range on both measurements. I found.

An additional 30% were at risk for depression and 21% were at risk for anxiety. Older adolescents were more susceptible to depression, and adolescents with severe to severe deafness had a higher incidence of both depression and anxiety.

Dr. Cejas said the University of Miami Ear Institute’s interdisciplinary team was the first program in the United States to conduct mental health screening as part of standard treatment. “Based on our experience, we believe that the integration of mental health screening in otology and auditory practice is needed to identify adolescents in need of psychological support,” she said. Said. “Psychological services and support are essential to providing appropriate treatment to reduce the long-term effects of deafness.”


Journal reference:

Ivette, C. , et al.. (2021) Prevalence of depression and anxiety in adolescents with deafness. Otology and neuroscience..

Studies highlight the importance of mental health screening in adolescents with deafness

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