Studies show that convalescent plasma has little benefit to patients hospitalized with COVID-19

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By Vishwadha Chander

(Reuters)-Plasma from COVID-19 survivors is mostly beneficial to treat patients with severe pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, according to data released Tuesday from a clinical trial in Argentina. Did not show.

A treatment known as convalescent plasma that delivers antibodies from COVID-19 survivors to infected individuals did not significantly improve patient health or reduce the risk of dying from illness compared to placebo. The discovery of research medicine published in the New England Journal.

Despite limited evidence of its effectiveness, convalescent plasma, which US President Donald Trump advertised as a “historic breakthrough” in August, has been frequently given to US patients.

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In October, a small study in India found that convalescent plasma improved symptoms such as shortness of breath and malaise in COVID-19 patients, but reduced the risk of death after 28 days and progression to serious illness. It was suggested that it was not.

A new Argentine study enrolled 333 inpatients with severe COVID-19 pneumonia who were randomly assigned to receive convalescent plasma or placebo.

Thirty days later, the researchers found that there was no significant difference in the patient’s symptoms or health. Mortality was about the same as 11% in the convalescent plasma group and 11.4% in the placebo group, a difference that was not considered statistically significant.

Dr. Ventura Simonovich, research leader at the Buenos Aires Hospital in Italy, said convalescent plasma could still help patients with less ill COVID-19, but further research is needed and the supply of treatment is available. Not extensible.

“Other antibody-based therapies may play a role,” he said, for patients with serious illnesses like this one.

Report by Vishwadha Chander in Bangalore.Edited by Nancy Rapid and Bill Berklot


Source: Reuters

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