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ESince the Covid-19 vaccine became available, some people with long-term Covid have said that vaccination will relieve a population of symptoms that last weeks or months after the original infection has disappeared. I am. research Explore this Anecdotal evidence It has been intriguing so far, but it has not been definitive, in part due to the small number of people studied.

new study Presented at the BMJ on Wednesday, it solves the size problem and combines responses from more than 28,000 adults who participated in the UK’s nationally representative Covid-19 infection study. Researchers report that post-infection vaccination was associated with a lower likelihood of Covid lengthening, but more data is needed to clarify the causal-effect relationship. Will be.

Researchers led by Office for National Statistics Daniel Ayoubkhani came to the conclusion by tracking people who received at least one Covid-19 vaccination with a positive test from February to September 2021. .. The study was completed before the boosters were deployed and before the emergence of Omicron and its submutants.


Prior to vaccination, researchers said the probability of experiencing long Covids changed little over time based on symptoms such as fatigue, shortness of breath, and difficulty breathing. Forgetfulness.. Long Covid symptoms of all severity were reported by nearly a quarter of participants at least once during follow-up.

After vaccination, among all participants, the first dose was associated with the first 13% reduction in long Covid odds, but the data show the next 12 weeks after the second vaccination. Showed no sustained improvement over. The second dose was associated with a further 9% reduction in long Covid odds, with an average improvement lasting at least 9 weeks.


“Our results suggest that vaccination of previously infected people may be associated with a long-term reduction in Covid’s burden on population health, at least in the first months after vaccination. “We do,” research author Ayoubkhani told STAT by email. “After the second dose, the odds of long Covid continued to drop by 9%. This may seem modest, but this is And none Due to the long Covid, the reduction is greater only for those who have existing symptoms. “

Results were maintained after considering sociodemographic characteristics, health-related differences, vaccine types, or the time between infection and vaccination, the study said. Researchers write that the biological reason for the improvement in symptoms is another question — editorial Published in the study.

“Given the small number of patients reported to be beneficial and the uncertainty about the true efficacy of the vaccine compared to spontaneous recovery, it is clear how the vaccine will alleviate long Covid’s multisystem symptoms. There is still a shortage of explanations, “Leeds and co-authors wrote in an editorial. “More research is needed on the relationship between antibody titers and symptoms before predicting the effects of vaccination on individuals.”

In that regard, Peter English, a former consultant in the management of infectious diseases and a former chairman of the British Medical Association Public Health Medical Committee, commented on the study through the Science Media Center: Therefore, using Covid at a reasonable cost is important and worthwhile. The large scale of this study means that we are quite confident about what was observed. But that doesn’t mean you can be sure what that means. “

Ayoubkhani said his next goal was to study the long-term outcomes of people with pre-existing long Covids, including those who received booster immunization or were infected with the Omicron variant.

“There is a need for research to understand the biological mechanisms that support the improvement of symptoms after vaccination, which may contribute to the development of long-term Covid treatments,” he said.

Meanwhile, evidence of the value of pre-infection vaccination has been built to reduce the likelihood of long Covids. February review Of the 15 international studies by the UK Health and Security Agency, people who received at least one Covid vaccine were found to be less likely to develop Covid longer than those who were not vaccinated. “Vaccination to reduce the risk of reinfection is still important for people with long Covids,” said the editorial writer.

Study links vaccination after Covid infection to lower odds of long Covid Source link Study links vaccination after Covid infection to lower odds of long Covid

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