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Austin (KXAN) — If you’re planning a trip to West Virginia right away, here are some tips. Do not break the mirror, avoid black cats, or travel on Friday the 13th.

West Virginia has been named the unlucky state in the United States. TopUSCasinos.com..

Casino news and review sites have ranked each state based on several factors to determine what was the most unlucky in the United States.

West Virginia was the last to be ranked on the lucky meter, with a score of 75.08 out of 100. New York was the luckiest state in the United States with 28.26 points.

Ten factors were considered, including deaths from lightning strikes, accidental deaths, Powerball and Mega Millions winners, and divorce rates for couples under the age of 30.

West Virginia was the last to die on three indicators: the happiest of the inhabitants, the highest accident mortality rate, and the shortest life expectancy.

Several other southern states, such as Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Alabama, have closed the top five unlucky states.

Fortunately, New York was at the top of the list due to its low divorce rate under the age of 30, low accident mortality, and long life expectancy.

Minnesota, Maryland, California, and New Jersey were other lucky states in the top five.

Here are some of the metrics used in the report:

  • West Virginia has the lowest inhabitants’ well-being and Utah has the highest.
  • Florida has suffered the most lightning deaths since 1952 (515), while Alaska and Hawaii have the fewest (0).
  • Texas has had the most disaster declarations since 1953 (365), but Delaware has the fewest (25).
  • West Virginia has the highest number of accidental deaths per 100,000 since 2014 (92.1) and New York has the lowest (34.0).
  • West Virginia had the lowest life expectancy (74.8) and Hawaii had the highest life expectancy (81.4).
  • Arkansas had the highest divorce rate (19.5%) at age 30, while New York had the lowest (5%).

Study shows how unlucky Oregon is Source link Study shows how unlucky Oregon is

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